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Own config slave issue

This may be an easy fix, I'm just overtired after work

I've just over written 3.03 with 3.05 and think I have placed the portable ini where it needs to go but my own whdload configs, not the inbuilt ones, are now bringing up a slave issue. Looking at the log it's trying to get something from c: but I have no files there as this is a portable build for launchbox. I must be over tired but banging my head now as to why it is no longer working.
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Really difficult to comment on this without more information / seeing at least the log file.
(I didn't break anything on purpose at least)
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This is what happens when I try to load Alien Bash (I've altered my whdload config and it worked in the last version I had)

18.790 [ARCHIVE] Split path G:\Multi System\Emulators\Roms\Amiga\Games\Alien Bash\AlienBash_v1.0.lha#/AlienBash\AlienBash.Slave
18.791 G:\Multi System\Emulators\Roms\Amiga\Games\Alien Bash\AlienBash_v1.0.lha#/AlienBash\ReadMe
18.791 amiga_rel_path AlienBash\ReadMe
18.791 out path C:\Users\mjdav\AppData\Local\Temp\fs-uae-ri657anj\DH0\AlienBash%5cReadMe
18.791 [Archive] Open

Error message when trying to load a game states, "did not find the specified slave."

Looking at the FS-UAE log

- checking C:\Users\mjdav\AppData\Local\fs-uae\save-states-dir
resolve_path G:\Multi System\Emulators\Roms\Amiga\FS-UAE Launchbox\Save States (absolute)
- using "Save States" directory "G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Save States"
save_states_dir: G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Save States
save_dir_name not set, using Default

- using state dir G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Save States\Default
final state dir path: G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Save States\Default
- checking C:\Users\mjdav\AppData\Local\fs-uae\controllers-dir
resolve_path G:\Multi System\Emulators\Roms\Amiga\FS-UAE Launchbox\Controllers (absolute)
- using "Controllers" directory "G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Controllers"
- checking C:\Users\mjdav\AppData\Local\fs-uae\logs-dir
- checking C:\Users\mjdav\AppData\Local\fs-uae\cache-dir
resolve_path G:\Multi System\Emulators\Roms\Amiga\FS-UAE Launchbox\Cache (absolute)
- using "Cache" directory "G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Cache"
resolve_path G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Cache\Logs (absolute)
- using "Logs" directory "G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Cache/Logs"
switch to log file G:/Multi System/Emulators/Roms/Amiga/FS-UAE Launchbox/Cache/Logs\fs-uae.log.txt

I am sorry I may be missing something simple. I'm not sure if the bold bit is part of the issue.
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