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Amix compatible tape drive

Beside Commodore A3070 tape drive, are there known any other compatible tape drives?

Quotation from bboah:

The A3070 is apparently the same tape mechanism as used in the "Caliper CP150 SCSI QIC" and "Archive Viper 150MB Tape Streamer" (some versions may be rebadged connor units). The case design however will be different as the A3070 was designed with an A3000 style.

But amigaunix says:

Doesn't work:
  • Archive Viper 150 MB SCSI Tape drive
  • Tandberg TDC4120 SCSI Tape drive

  • Wangtek 5150 ES, Caliper or Sankyo CP-150 SCSI tape drives

Anybody can confirm working tape other than A3070?
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Looking at this newsgroup thread, later versions of Amix can be installed with the Archive Viper drive.
From one of the postings:
Use control D to interrupt the startup script at the first prompt ( where
you are asked to choose a keyboard ), type "viper_kludge go", the kernal
patches and you then press control D again to resume the installation
script. I have run Amiga UNIX of an A3000T with ADOS 3.1 with no problems.
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I can confirm that the Wangtek 5150 does work in Amix (does read/write without hacks), and that the Tandberg one did not work (drive did not react at all).

That's a very interesting thread, mark_k, thanks. I'll add that note to the wiki!
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