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Old 14 September 2008, 21:54   #161
Count Zero
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Anyone know what happened to Hydro (Darren) of Anthrox? I lost track of him after leaving the scene. Temptations of the flesh in my mid-teens made me flog my Amiga and dump all my discs (really regret that now if only for nostalgia reasons)

Would be good to hear from you Darren, if you're reading this mate

Count Zero (Jamie)
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Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
Anyone know what happened to Hydro (Darren) of Anthrox? I lost track of him after leaving the scene. Temptations of the flesh in my mid-teens made me flog my Amiga and dump all my discs (really regret that now if only for nostalgia reasons)

Would be good to hear from you Darren, if you're reading this mate

Count Zero (Jamie)
If memory serves, Darren got into some girl and kinda dropped off the radar. The last guy I know who was talking to Darren was Sprog! but I haven't spoken to Sprog! in years myself either. I think Darren might be overseas now?
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Originally Posted by Hydra View Post
Alan, (it is Alan right alewis) that place we went to was Digital Symposium '95 IIRC. I think Geoff (Horror) took a video on VHS and I think I have a copy of that still somewhere. I'll *have* to dig it out at some point!
I've got that video. Cringeworthy to see the spotty oik in the cap that is me. I still wear caps, still get the odd spot but I've matured well with age
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Old 17 September 2008, 13:02   #164
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Re: Hydro/ATX, I think he went to Australia to see some scene girl (Sweet Thing/ATX? something like that... memory has become corrupted over time...).
I spoke to him during the GBA years, maybe 2000-2001 on IRC briefly and he was back in England working in IT as far as I know!
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Old 17 September 2008, 14:12   #165
Going nowhere

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Was that the Digital Symposium in Rotherham?
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Old 19 September 2008, 17:38   #166
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So nice, this thread...

I was active in the scene (co-founder of Hypnotic, a short time Panic later on Vanish then back to Hypnotic) around '89 till '94 then things dropped slowly.
We organized two parties in southern germany then : the Hypnotic-Energy-Awesome party and the Doomsday-Party, both held nearby Karlsruhe. Two of the craziest things I took part...

Two of my best friends are from this time : Storm/Energy and Ventor/Awesome. Still we talk about this golden age from time to time, though everydays life is more important.

People I really would like to know what happened to them are : the guys from Vanish (esp. Calypso), Funky (forgot his group), all folks from Hypnotic, the guys from Panic (someone said Zig Zag Corporation), Pauly/Treacl,, the southern guys from D-Tect (Mr. X ?). And last but not least the bunch of people here in the south-western part of germany. Anyone remembers the "Stammtisch in der Harmonie" ?
Sure I forgot some people, please dont mind.
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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Was that the Digital Symposium in Rotherham?
The 1995 one was in Coventry if I remember rightly. Or Warwick.
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Old 13 October 2008, 01:54   #168
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Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
All interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it all.

I always got the impression that ComradeJ had more in common with the industry than the scene. Though find it hard to see what he would gain, other than wodges of cash, for the 'expert' witness stuff. The expert bit would have been fairly tenuous by that point anyway - "I was active on the scene about six or so years ago in a non-cracking group without so much as a bbs your honour" - I mean wtf?!

Maybe he felt some kind of strange guilt for teaching so many future crackers to code.....
Your having a giraffe arent you
ComradJ had a somewhat murky history long before he started the mag articles.
He was the coder for a demo group called SHARE AND ENJOY, and I always remember their trader was called THE IRON WARRIOR (TIW) or russ in real life, we used to call him the iron w**ker, I didn't like him at all
I met jolyon on a bus going to a SAE copy party from the commodore show at the novatel on the way to morden, when he had just started the mag articles (which I thought wer ecrap), where we got charged a pound to enter by TIW, and then it was dead inside. The only reason SAE was a non cracking group was because they didnt have a cracker, it wasnt for want of wanting to, and who can forget the share and enjoy spreadings with lists of games they had "released" that week. Far from whiter than white mr ralph...
He can be found lurking on slashdot in the comments sections under the name comradJ and its the same one, because we've spoke briefly.

I used to be a demo only coder, clutching firmly my addison wesley hardware reference guide in one hand (amiga 1000 edition) and my trusty german A500 in the other. Its still burnt in my mind that the left mousebutton is on bit 6 of $bfe001, and something about $5c is a distant terror ARGGG
I cant remember my scene name back then really, I think early on centreline then some other stuff, changed it a few times but wasn't particulary big just enjoyed the code and learning.
We had a small crappy demo group called "A" (so we could be first in the lists of greetings) , then we changed to acme, only to discover the acme sweden group, and then changed name again I think to make a huge megademo project that I coded everything for which if I remember never ever got released due to college workload and a failed quest for a bespoke disk loader. I also wrote a fast disc destroyer/bulk eraser, which could wipe a floppy within 3 seconds so even the best disc recovery software of the time couldnt recover the thing in days of runtime. It had gilbert the snot monster on it, and pulsed the fdd leds whilst chewing away. I can now admit that it was a failed attempt to write the loader for our megademo, with me hitting the hardware of the floppy controller with almost no understanding or specs of how it worked properly, studying the relevant section in the reference section instead of just chaining each one in using the system routines like everyone else did.
Devpac was for girls, we used blizzard/bytekiller cruncher so we could stick the code at a definite location after writing it using cygedit or something similar (vertical block copy and paste, what a coders editor) although cant remember even what assembler I used to compile it, probably was a function of blizzard, and just hit everything as hard as we could (so your guessing that a600 etc couldnt run anything we touched). Trap the VB blanking call to run the code off, measuer execution time of routines by changing the background colour on entry and exit and studying clock cycles of each instruction. Got a whole screen "scrapper" into 5 rasterlines using the bit blitter to reprogram the copper according to some preprepared sinus tables.
Long time, I just picked up a A2000 and nostalgia has come wafting back. Think Ill go fid another A500 and see if my sourcecode floppies still work

Hello to banger, jester (colin), Paul (kreator?) , ralph snowman (god knows), the dude who was in our group for a while that went on to draw graphics for gremlin (cant remember your alias, but still remember that skidrow drawring and the geiger style stuff) , the LADS (liverpool and district spreadpoint, badger etc, although its unlikely any of them are alive and have functioning livers, them being total and utter drunkards most of the time, yes I remember that train ride to london for yet another cbm show, and I remember you being busted big time by AT&T for carding with mastercard gold stuff). Frap of magnetic fields (when they were naughty demosceners) for inviting us to a copy party in doncaster in the middle of someones giant house, where and bad taste ran all night on a projector, and outside they had prostitues everywhere, and the chippy served exotic deep fried bananas, and we actually released some sinus scroller thingy shaded in halfbright mode, but i had a bug that meant we had to write things avoiding certain chars . Neil from wigan (zero da hero?) who worked in the axle place but was a ace spreader and was into the furry freak bro's and probably a lot of other people.
No7 I think I remember you from somewhere, a stockily built chap probably with banger at a show or something. Maybe spoke on the phone at some point, I seem to remember some disk labels with it on too at one point.
Yea gods I think I was in the powerlords for a bit too after googling... Must download this when i get set up and see if it jogs more brain cells :- http://kestra.exotica.org.uk/demo.php?id=2139

Its been a long time, im all growed up now doing networky stuff for a living, still think the amiga was a amazing machine...

Last edited by MrFluffy; 16 October 2008 at 23:10. Reason: More wandering synapses came home, its the old age you see...
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Did you know that Kevin Mitnick was on the Amiga scene?

He was the sysop of The Fiend Club BBS in the early 90's. His handle was Shadowvex.
The Fiend Club was an USHQ of Alphafllght that became the WHQ of Delight in 1991. It was well known for hosting the second elite H/P/A conference board. Its number was 714 734 2451.

Few people know this. I do, because I recruited him in Delight. I've had him sometimes on the phone, he was just a normal guy. Later when he became famous, I remembered "that's crazy! I know this guy"...

Best known as Voyce/Delight, Flex/Quartex, Paragon/Paradox, and many more...
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Hah, nice thread!

Well the first generation of my Amiga contacts (circa 87-94) have all gone to do something else. A few of them I found on facebook (even if I left fb now) and one is still a friend, tho he lives in San Francisco and works for Pixar now. He used to be a real killer in Deluxe Paint way back. =)

Second generation of Amiga contacts I still am in touch with now and again and some of those became really good friends too (Up Rough members among others).

Internet is good and all but I'd start snailswapping A500 stuff in a second again if it was possible. Nothing beats it. Or going to copy partys with an empty lot of disks and going home with a real treasure!
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I haven't got any!

No. I'm not a sad, lonely pimple on the backside of humanity who had no friends in his younger days - honest...

...it's worse! I was into Acorn's back in the day.
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Most of my Amiga related activities were with my old school friends when I was about 14-15 years old, some of which I still have contact. We used to swap the odd disk (ie STAG) , and also go to each others houses to play games. It was good fun competing in various games, and then going to school the next day talking about how far we got, and not giving away any secrets as to how we progressed so far in that game. These days its all lost, no gaming with each other Damn, life was so simple in those days!

Now computing/gaming has lost the "personal" touch. Instead of people meeting up/chatting and swapping stuff face to face, its all done electronically now.
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Yeh! But think of all the extra friends you have gained .... electronically, more than you would elsewhere + they're from all over the world.
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Old 04 March 2009, 16:49   #174
Yeah Hup!

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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Yeh! But think of all the extra friends you have gained .... electronically, more than you would elsewhere + they're from all over the world.

I know heaps of people from the internet these days, It's all one big happy family. (they all share the same last name too - .jpg)
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Old 28 November 2009, 22:17   #175
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well bippy n crew

i`m still about and and still have the skullmonkey bbs on a hd somewhere
and still a few of us about on irc
Old 28 November 2009, 22:30   #176
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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I still see a couple of old-school amiga nuts from my youth from time to time, alas they dont have miggies anymore (lamers *hehe*)

I got a close m8 from yorkshire thats into amigas, helping him build a couple (desktop and elbox tower conv.)

I have a lot of friends that are into retro-gamming so its like home from home for me... especially when I got gauntlet on the PS2 4 player mayhem!!!!

but yeah... I got friends that we LAN crew with PC's and online games and love the retro-gammage, and I get alteast 2 retro-gamming nights a month ( this includes beers / curry and reto-gamming action like worms DC / alien breed or something like that)

I used to hang out on BBS's like SkullMonkey and Wizzards but I havent spoke to skullmonky in like ages!!! and the gnome at home... wow donkeys ago..

I used be opp in a irc chan into amigas back in the day #hyper on dal. but I would also be on efnet #gas and a couple others i cant remember lol miss it though a lot a fun...

I even met my wife on IRC married onto 5years now..... (eys gots me on of thems american foriegn import models )

sigh... do miss the scene though, knocking out med tune after med tune and coding, smoking and caffine intaking! generall all at the same time...

never really got into boxing, even though it would of saved me £1,500 over the spate of 4 months LOL but cracked a few games, yet was never part of any cracking crew or distro house. I might even still have some of the cracked disk images I made.... i did a few.... UFO, Realms, Dune2, ClueAGA spring to mind.....

ahhhh loong ago......
well skully here lol
and yea i still hanging about lol just on another network with amiga users some things never change lol
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Blimey, not checked back on this thread in a while.

@MrFluffy: Yes, TIW could 'divide opinion' somewhat I think he enjoyed that, to be honest.

@Count Zero: Jamie, drop me a PM. I've found where Darren's hiding these days. Would be nice to hear how life's been treating you these last 15 years or so as well!
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I find it quite saddening that I am no longer in touch with anyone from my time in the amiga scene. :-(

The only person on here that I really knew was Galahad and lets face it who doesn't know Galahad. I still remember fondly the times spent chatting, trading, cracking etc. with all the people who were active in the uk throughout the 90's and watching the big release titles getting fewer and farther apart and also the rise of the internet bbs's and the hours chatting on irc.

Its a real shame. I regret not keeping in touch with alot of my old friends now.
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I still keep in touch with a friend who had the 500 & 600 while i had my C64 in the early 90's his older brother still has the 600, and i'm trying to convince my friend to get a 1200 as he finds the emulator's a bit tricky

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Being a younger user at the time, I didn't really have any Amiga friends in real life, but I had some great online friends mostly from the chat on the old Amiga Computing website around 1998 or so.. Alan/Echo, Pauly P, Kostas, Joseph Cheung.. lost touch with them all now, it's a shame!

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