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John Pillow
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Floppy disk Arix OS

To anyone interested in AROS, the Arix Foundation website should go live in 7 Days, see: http://www.arixfoundation.com/

The site is a simple WordPress theme, so some of the pages are accessible through the usual tricks.

Arix OS will be a commercial fork of AROS, that will be available in two versions:

1. Arix OS Hosted, free for Win (32 and 64 bit), Linux, OSX and Android.
2. Arix OS Native, paid for x86, ARM and PPC.

Arix Foundation is Randy Vice, Timothy Deters, Faith Attanasio, Eric Shpunt, Magnus Ahlvik, Jason McMullan (Source: http://businessprofiles.com/details/...146/vice-randy)

ABOUT ARIX FOUNDATION (http://www.arixfoundation.com/sample-page/)

Arix Foundation Corp was founded in 2012 in the great state of Florida by eight partners, two Europeans and six Americans. What drew the initial group of partners together was a long burning passion for a computer system designed in the 1980s called the Commodore Amiga. After Commodore’s bankruptcy in 1994, a young group of coders believed they could create an open source version of their cherished OS and began coding in 1995. It was under AROS which Arix Foundation Corp’s partners first met and worked to better the fledgling operating system called AROS.
The power of open source is what created and motivated many to contribute to AROS. However, open source is a two edge sword, direction and control is minimal to non existent which hobbled development of a remarkable OS. This is where the partners decided that a commercial fork of AROS had to happen in order to bring forth a truly modern OS that can compete in today’s marketplace.
Today, Arix Foundation Corp partners are still active with the AROS development as both groups will benefit from each others work to some degree. Much like Apple’s relationship with open source community via Darwin.
PRODUCTS (http://www.arixfoundation.com/products/)

The Arix Operating System was designed to be a simple, portable and low cost operating solution that brings the user back in control over their many devices. Have you grown frustrated in having to buy multiple apps for you desktop and portable devices and they all slightly work differently with different setup or commands not too mention the cost of buying separate solutions for each device? So have we and that is one of the driving aspects of designing and implementing Arix OS. We knew there is a better way of managing the limited time you have away from work and the grind of daily living and to do it as economically as humanly possible. Our solution which is our passion, is Arix OS.
The Arix Operation System is unique on multiple levels being a virtual operating layer that is designed not only to be hearty standalone OS but also designed for living on top of your favorite desktop or portable device’s native Operating System. Arix OS supports system multi processing environment with memory protection on multiple platforms from X86, X86_64, ARM, and PPC. From a single core, to dual core to 16 or more cores, Arix OS is ready for the job.
For Arix OS 1.x series offers developers a unique capability of offering their application or games via our secure application store which they can target the CPU arch (x86, ARM, or PPC) and not worry about individual computer system requirements. Arix OS’ SDK is rich in porting tools for those who already have applications or games designed for Windows, Linux, Android, OS-X and Amiga OS. Arix OS software engineers made every possible attempt to make porting to Arix as quick and painless as possible offering the software developer a whole new market to offer their wares to.
For Arix OS 2.x series has an aggressive target of universal environment for all CPU architects. This means for developers writing/porting their code to Arix OS starting with the 2.x series, it’s a single target as it will run on all platforms supported by Arix OS.

Arix OS Hosted

Arix OS offers individuals that already are running their favorite OS the capability of running Arix OS on top of their current OS where will live in unison. Arix OS currently supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, Linux, OS-X plus Android. Best part of this is that it’s a free download for individuals.

Arix OS Native

Arix OS native offers a simple and fast solution for your computing needs. No other operating system is needed, Arix OS 64 bit will directly install on your x86 system as well as supported ARM and PPC systems. You may purchase Arix OS native via our application store for a very reasonable price which includes basic support.
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