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AK-Datatypes In Development

Recently, AmigaKit Ltd acquired AK-Datatypes.

Since then development has been ongoing and we are very pleased to confirm that the package has been internally updated significantly.

The development will continue and a new public release for OS3 will be made shortly.

The question we have is should we release this as free downloadable archive to the Amiga community and ask for a small donation to cover the costs of ongoing development? Alternatively should we charge a nominal fee up front?

Our initial thoughts are to release it for free, and if we get enough donations then proceed to the next revision and so on. If we fail to receive enough donations then move to a commercial model to sustain it's ongoing development.

I welcome the feedback. Please indicate if you would be willing to support this project by a donation so we can gauge the response.

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I genuinely have no clue what this is lol...

But to answer your question:

You need to recover your costs for acquisition. As much as it is great to see development on products, it does require investment of both time and money. Question is how quickly do you need to recover the funds?

Those that wish to use it will use it whether via purchase or donation.

A donation based service can sometimes generate more revenue due to 'goodwill' than a fixed price plan. I'm sure a lot of programmers have received good sums of money from donation.

With a fixed price plan, you can set yourself a goal of how many you need to sell to break even. Thereafter, you provide discounted licences or bundle promotions of the like to make it appealing for others in the market.

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I did acquire WarpDT some years ago and would happily support a faster and better alternative with a donation system.
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I would be happy to donate or pay for WarpUP AK-Datatytpes, and I think a few other people would do so as well.
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Old 20 November 2019, 21:48   #5
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I think this development should be commercial. Should include free upgrades until the next major revision.
I am also someone who bought WarpDT and was happy to do so.
If we want classic and next gen development quicker then "some day" we have to make it financially viable.
I would recommend the price being something affordable like $20USD but I am in favor of it being funded commercially and viable to continue development.
Or should this become part of a OS3 enhancer pack?
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Old 22 November 2019, 08:42   #6
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I think 5euros would be fine and have a donation button for anybody willing to give more to the developers.
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So apart from this acquisition, what is currently the advised datatypes to use on a CSPPC A4000?
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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
So apart from this acquisition, what is currently the advised datatypes to use on a CSPPC A4000?
I use WarpDatatypes with my A4000 with CSPPC.

They work very well.
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