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Impossible Mission 2025 glitched on A600

I've tried Impossible Mission 2025 Special Edition on both ADF and WHDLoad and the game has the same glitch:

Music plays way way too fast but the game is very very very slow, unplayable slow.

It's like the cpu is being 98% used to play the music ridiculously fast.

The music only plays correctly in between screens.

A600 Kickstarter 2.1 and 2mb chip.

Has anyone seen this problem?
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Old 14 November 2019, 03:54   #2
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I didn't know this version until now (only the C64 game), just some thoughts:
On emuparadise there is a normal and an AGA version you haven't - by any chance - got the AGA version?
If the version there is different you could check it out.
Does it happen on WinUAE too? If yes, you could swap the kick for a 3.1 or change other hardware parameters and see which one triggers the bug.
Also - if you upload the version you use to the zone (or have a link), I would check it out on my A600 (Kick 3.1, Furia) at the weekend.

Edit: Just checked the emuparadise version (non-aga, installed to "hdd" via installer on disk2) on an emulated A600 (normal speed, cycle exact, kick 3.1) and it worked normal. Do you experience the slowdown in classic game mode or modern or both?
Edit2: Same config with Kick 2.05, same, works normal too.

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Bren McGuire
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This game runs fine on A600, I know because I had it back in the day! But WHDLoad versions normally have issues with slow machines like that, slowdowns are common.

Which version of the game do you have? What RAM expansion?
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I can confirm this WHDload issue also. It runs at about 1fps and the sound is all stuttery and garbage. It is exactly the same on my A1200 also (ocs version). The AGA version runs full speed.
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