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Blizzard 1230 III 50mhz + 25mhz CoPro not working :(

hello everyone,
a good friend of mine has trouble running his blizzard 1230 III 50mhz and 4mb of ram together with his new bought CoPro motorola 68882 rc25a fpu 25mhz pga...
he inserted the CoPro as shown on amiga-hardware.com

the seller claims the CoPro is 100% error free and working...
what are those two jumpers near the CPU good for?
can you help us out?
a manual and/or blizzard system disk would be niiiiiiice too because we don't have anything like that
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From a Blizzard FAQ I found in Aminet:

Q12. Is CPU surface mounted? Is there a separate socket for FPU? PGA or PLCC type usable? FPU clock speeds below 50 MHz usable? 68881 or 68882? Extra crystal needed?
A12. CPU is in a PGA socket, not soldered to board. One socket for FPU, PGA type only. Thus PGA FPU usable only. FPU clock speeds below "not recommended by Motorola" in manual. 50 MHz only. 68882 type FPU only. No extra crystal needed.
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If you have a FPU with any other clock speed than the CPU (in this case you have a CPU with 50Mhz. and a FPU with 25Mhz.) you need to run the FPU in asynchron mode to the CPU, this means you need a second crystal (on the picture the four little holes above the first crystal) to run it properly Allthough it´s really really not recommeded to do this, as you will have many crashes and function failures

Better get a 50Mhz. FPU and you won´t need a second crystal

One of the two jumpers is for MAPROM (loads the Kickstart to fastmem for faster access), the other *should* be for synchron/asynchron FPU

No System Disk for this card anyway, it´s not needed !
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On the Blizzard 1230-IV one jumper is for the maprom function and the other is for setting ram speed between 60 or 70 ns (70ns is also required if ram on the additional scsi board is used)
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thanks again!!
but this doesn't sound good
all this means i can't use a CoPro like this with my MTEC card running at ~28mhz too?
i never saw a CoPro @~28mhz...only 25/50,right?
but i think i'll just give it a try and tell you what happend
if it should crash i at least know why

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