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The AMIGA Market value and your collection values

Id just like to know the opionions and predictions of others with regards to amiga items values. Ive got a few AMIGA hardware and peripherials and Id say roughly my collection is worth about £500 if i were to sell it now. What about in 5 years time, will amiga systems get more expensive? For example i have a really nice amiga 1200 mint white original box and i reckon i could get about £70-£80 for it on a good day. Will it loose value in the future?

And how much is your amiga collection worth do you think judging by todays value
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£7-800, tops. Apart from the A600 portable, A1200 and A500-040 board it's basically only cheap stuff left.

It's more likely it will rise in value than fall. The value is in the add-ons, unless you have a rare Amiga model. If you're afraid of stuff yellowing, well, there are methods to un-yellow Amigas.

I don't really care if my collection is worth £70 or £7000, I'm not selling it. Maybe some add-on or such to people who need it, but that's it
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post

I don't really care if my collection is worth £70 or £7000, I'm not selling it. Maybe some add-on or such to people who need it, but that's it
Indeed, but as long as there are less and less pieces of hardware left as time goes on, and there's an increasing Amiga interest among vintage computer users-collectors... It's quite normal for pricing to go up.

I've noticed a substantial price increasing on 030 accelerators since two years ago... For example.
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It's a bit hard to predict, lots of old machines are available on the used market for a few bucks nowadays, you can have a c64 for something like 20€ as there's been a lot of units which were produced even if it's older than Amiga models. Machines power isn't a criteria either, an A2500 is more expensive than an A3000 and an Apple IIe is worth more than an Amiga 500 (not even talking about Apple IIIs which are even rarer).

It also varies from country to country: purchasing an Archimedes is surely less expensive inside U.K. than anywhere else but Excel or Thomson machines prices would probably sky rocket outside of France, same for Japanese machines which are worth nothing inside the country and can be found everywhere (like NEC's) but are worth gold from an European point of view.

Hardware failures create rarity of models and increase of prices.

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Although stuff gets rarer, so do the people using it.
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I think there are more collectors then users these days, which is driving up the price of old equipment.

As far as what my collection is worth, you tell me:

A1200 with 030/50Mhz + FPU Blizzard IV, SCSI option board but not installed
A2000 KS 1.3, 2091 SCSI with 2MB, XT bridgeboard
GVP 030/40 with 16MB GVP RAM spare for above.
A3000 030/25, Retina Z2 4mb, Ariadne Z2 ethernet card Version 1
A500 512K with 512K trapdoor, external 1011 drive.

Commodore 1080, 1084, Nec 3ds monitors
Northgate Ultra T keyboard in Amiga configuration
100+ Boxed, complete, and working Amiga games
Misc magazines and manuals

Located in the USA.
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I don't really care if my collection is worth £70 or £7000, I'm not selling it.
I'd sell mine for £7000

Get myself some good stuff with that!
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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
I'd sell mine for £7000

Get myself some good stuff with that!
A new set of boobs?
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7000 GBP? but gbp is so low these days... :P

I think all Amiga related stuff was expensive when released, some items' price had fall down extremely, some kept it's value. Now when retrocomputing rises, some items became more valuable (overpriced) than before. It means that till this retro era lives, these goodies will have good prices, but as all the people who knew the brand from it's childhood will pass (mean leave the platform - again or forever) prices will fall till reaching zero. when it will come? You'll never know. only one value keeps it's top level - our eunthiasm-based fanatic behaviour. I still believe in my Amiga - my kids won't. They will be unable to understand the thinking or spirit behind it. So that will be the end of the road. Hopefully I can extend this voyage with at least 30 yrs or something
But that's priceless. For me.
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Thumbs up its priceless

I`ve always had a Amiga and could not see me ever not having one in the house, I just love the computer for what it was/is and will always be.

Now mine is out of mothballs and now got its place back on my desk (above my PC) it gets used,maybe not every day but its there.
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Got a question here, I've got quite a few Amigas most of the just standard machines and nothing fancy but I got an upgraded 4k that used to be my main machine. I left Sweden a few years back and as a 1200 is a wee bit more portable this computer sadly had to stay back home.

Amiga 4000
Cyberstorm 060 MKII
X-Surf 2
Cybervision 64
Scandoubler with automatic monitorswitch

What do you guys think a machine like this would be worth?
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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
And how much is your amiga collection worth do you think judging by todays value
I think the value of classic HW can only go down.

This will be due to a number of factors:

1. All of the classic hw is getting to the age where it starts to become unreliable and is a pain in the ass to maintain.
2. The user-base is also getting older (eg us) and therefore smaller.
3. Emulation continues to improve and provides more convenient ways to play with the classic software.
4. Sooner or later, someone will bring out an improved FPGA reimplementation of the last original chipset...why buy old, when you can buy new and improved?
5. The continued development of replacement Amiga (and Amiga like) OS's will also see the existing (and potential) user base reduce.

Obviously in many years time the value of classic HW will increase again (because they will be so damn rare) but none of us will be around then anyway so it’s irrelevant.

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AB Positive
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One forgets about people like me - the classic gamer that's fed up with newer systems, looking for new fixes. Being a Genesis gal (MegaDrive, whatever...) the Amiga seemed like a neat new toy a year back due to them having the same processor. Being a computer and thus being able to code seemed neat too...

now I'm obsessed, learning 68K asm and spending valuable free time (time I could be spending getting closer to certain cute Puerto Rican women but that's neither here nor there) coding in my 'geek-cave' a.k.a. bedroom.

There will be us - the cynical yet yearning gamers that will keep such things alive. Hell, thanks to Benzaie I know I've gotten at least one person into the ST/Amiga generation of gaming/computing.

And for those like us - emulation doesn't cut it. There's nothing like the real hardware doing what it supposed to. (Or not supposed to sometimes, but that's some of the charm, as eLowar would say).

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