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Old 14 February 2007, 10:30   #1
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Happy SPACE CRUSADE, cant play any missions! "arrrrrg"

Ok, i have WinUae and its all good, but in the game im always asked for the data disc when it has already been selected!

i so NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME, its such a classic. Can anyone help me please?

File can be found here.


Thank you for ur time!
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Havent played on WinUAE in ages but its certainly VERY easy to play on ST emulators like STEEM. My son and I played most missions over the summer. Its unusual to see today's kiddies enjoying classic games!
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Old 14 February 2007, 11:53   #3
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I always considered Space Crusade a great tactical shooter, but its menu is atrocious.

Have you tried these steps?

1. Swapping disks again and pressing fire, or pressing the button?

2. I remember saving my games on a blank save disk. Is it asking for that? Have you tried a blank adf image?

3. I remember being confused about which picture/button to press on the menu screen. Have you chosen your team (Blood Angels/commander with power glove and sword rules), chosen their weaponry, chosen a mission? Only then will the "launch mission" button appear.

4. I remember being confused with the "launch mission" button and the "expansion" button, and the button at the far bottom of the screen which I barely ever noticed. Are you selecting the right one? Launch mission shows the robotic arm grasping onto the ship's hull, expansion button is the one with the doors. Or it could be the other way round.

If my memory serves me correctly.
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Old 27 March 2008, 20:42   #4
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Don't suppose anyone got to the bottom of this one did they, I'm getting the same problem and have tried the solutions but with no joy

I'm a complete newbie with all this Emulator stuff so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!
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Try to use only one diskdrive, this program not recognize df1:
When the program ask you for a Data disk, extract the program disk from DF0: and insert in the same drive the Data Disk
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Old 27 March 2008, 20:53   #6
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Pick the top left picture to choose a mission, then the top right picture to choose your team, when you've done both another picture will appear in the bottom right, click that and when it asks for the data disk, press f12, go to floppy drives and replace disk 1 with disk 2.
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Old 14 July 2011, 14:54   #7
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I do realize that this thread is a couple of years old, but I recently downloaded UAE4Droid for my phone, and encountered the same problem. My solution was to simply download a new rom. Something is wrong with one of the few releases that is out there.

Now I have another problem, though. For this game to work I have to check an option that improves compatibility but that disables the possibility to use save states. So I'm forced to use the in-game save function, and I can't format a new save disk from within the game, but I have a feeling that saving will work, if I can only find a save disk adf somewhere.

It was in my search for a save disk that I stumbled upon this thread and realized I may have a solution for you, and since every single answer seemed to misunderstand the original problem, I felt compelled to help.

The guy is stuck at the "Insert data disk and press fire"-screen, and he has inserted the data disk (disk 2, disk 1 is the "Game disk"), but nothing happens when he presses fire. Like I said, you need to find a different set of adf:s of the game.

One of the best games ever if you ask me Now I'm off to keep searching for that save disk, good luck!
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Originally Posted by yinka View Post
Ok, i have WinUae and its all good, but in the game im always asked for the data disc when it has already been selected!

i so NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME, its such a classic. Can anyone help me please?

i solve this
use df0
and click mouse 3times
works me

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