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cheeky scoundrel

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Yeah floppy disks were endearingly bad. Noisy, slow, small storage, easy to fail...

But so easy to copy around and so satisfying to flip through, like a treasure trove. I still miss having a large box of labelled floppy disks standing on my desk. Or having one taped to a magazine and wondering what was on it.
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Another regret: Not checking the .DMS of Disk 2 of Melnok's Leander crack to make sure it actually read and archived correctly. At the time, I didn't really have a grasp on just how buggy DMS could be.
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After I sold my Amiga on, I had a box of 60 Good quality floppy disks which contained a Quaterback of my HDD with all my 68K Asm source code and games I had Made to work from HDD(long before Whdload)
I was rumaging around in the parents loft a few years back, I found a couple boxes of floppys that were PC formated and had .DMS files on them, not much interesting.
I then remembered that I had given the box of floppys to a mate who had a PC a couple years after I sold the Amiga.
I never would have thought at the time of Amiga emulators in the future. If only I had just bunged them into the loft with the others
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Going nowhere

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Two regrets for me.

1). Not getting an Amiga until late 1988, I would really have loved to have realised just how great the machine was back in 1985 and develop my skills with it.

2). Not ever getting into demo programming, I wasted too much time doing other things, oddly the cracking side of things lead me into the games industry, but wish i'd delved into the demo side earlier, I might have been alright by now!
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Not getting one or even knowing about them until 1993 (and I was 17 then so no excuses!)
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1) Getting rid of my A600 and all my disks, magazines etc in the early 2000s;

2) Around the same time, not buying an A1200 for next-to-nothing (like less than £50, quite probably less than £30) in a second-hand shop when I saw it;

3) Not properly learning to code, or getting to grips with understanding the hardware, electronics etc. of the Amiga.
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Selling my A1200 Tower, with Blizzard 030 and 32mb ram. probably worth about 3 times what i got for it back in 2007.

Giving another A1200 away.
Giving an A500 away

And more recently, giving my original A500 that I bought in '89 away to a friend. Thankfully he gave me it back a year later. Im playing Turrican 2 on it as I type
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Puttymoon inhabitant
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Selling twice my A4000's
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Not getting an Amiga in 1985/6. I would really have loved to became an Amiga software developer.
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I've kept everything, just regret throwing away floppy discs from amiga magazines, and ditching Amiga Format magazines. I know could download copies now, and view online, but it's not the same as your original copy.

As the world becomes ever more digital, the memory of the physical isn't going to go away.
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my biggest regret.. Buying an amiga in the first place.. an A600 then wasting money on a 1mb upgrade.. then the £200 i spent on a cdrom for it.. squirrel adapter..
then buying a Amiga 1200 for £50 connecting a ide cd drive to it.. via catweasel and then dropping the cdrom drive on the floor when moving it.. which in turn broke the A1200.. and of course forgetting to take out the apollo card inside it out before throwing it in the bin.
But mainly all the time i spent on the a600 and the money on floppies and the cdrom.. £25 for the aminet 1 2 and 3.. etc.
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Selling my Amiga’s (1200 and 4000), as well as dumping all the mags. Moving houses too often didn’t help. Other regret was giving up on making games years ago (due to all the slacker coders I worked with), never finished a singles game, back then. The closest game completed was a shootemup of all games.... ok it was a PC scrolling demo in dos, but did have Amiga graphics in it.
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Not much. There was no day without Amigas for me since 1987 and I kept everything.

Nearly everything. The biggest mistake I made was to lend my Golem 2MB Fast RAM extension and my 30MB RLL hard disk to a friend in the mid-90s. I used them on my A1000 for many years and had already moved to a A4000 and A3000, so I thought it would be no problem that he uses the hardware with his A500 for some time.

He moved to another city and when I asked him for my hardware a few years later it was gone! He must have lost it during one of his relocations.

Maybe I also regret that I had no contact with the scene in the 80s and early 90s. I did everything for myself, my brother and a few friends.
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Glen M
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Probably selling my A1200 mediator setup. I only ever had the blizzard 030 with it but still would be nice to have it now with the upcoming 060 cards
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Selling all my C stuff before we moved to the US. Because we were thinning down. We had a moving company come in and quote us for a pile of stuff to get container shipped. We added tonnes of stuff to it before they came and boxed it. I could of added my Commodore stuff to that pile :/
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Selling my Amiga 1200 to strat to work with PC..
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The Big White Cat

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Form me it's putting every CD32 games that i owned to trash in 2000 when moving to PC. Crazy decision....
And yes i owned SSF2Turbo in big box and Darkseed too
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My magic 3

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Originally Posted by Rochabian View Post
Form me it's putting every CD32 games that i owned to trash in 2000 when moving to PC. Crazy decision....
And yes i owned SSF2Turbo in big box and Darkseed too
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