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What kind of part is EMI301 on a Amiga 3000D ?

Hi - I am working on my "new" Amiga 3000D. I found a blue part that looks damaged. But in order to replace, I need to know what kind/value it is.

Here's an image, it's directly connected to the external Serial port. On this schematics of the Amiga 3000D, it's part number EMI301.

Is this a resistor or a capacitor? Does somebody know the exact value?
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I could be wrong, but I thought they are just fuses.
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It's to do with limiting electromagnetic interference (EMI). I'm not sure of the exact function, but they're not fuses. They may contain a capacitor which is connected to ground on one side.

If you're sure the function of that part is affected (and not just cosmetic damage) you could probably remove it and solder a wire link in its place. But first I'd check with a multimeter/continuity checker, as replacing it may not be necessary.

Edit to add: it's possible that something like the products shown here contain similar components embedded into them.
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It's a ferrite bead inductor.
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Okay thank you! As suggested, I'll check the Serial port first, before replacing the part(s). It just attracted my attention while repairing the battery damage.
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