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Question In need of blitter guidance from the pros

Hi all,

I've been trying to write a blitter routine for OCS/ECS that needs to copy a rectangular section from given (x,y) coords in a 1bpl source buffer to given (x,y) coords in another 1bpl destination buffer.

The destination (x,y) pixel coords will always line on word boundaries, and the rectangle width will always be a multiple of 16, but the source coords are arbitrary; I need to be able to pick out my rectangle from the source with pixel precision.

I know I need some cunning masking/shifting but however many times I read the HRM Blitter chapter I'm just not getting it right.

The closest version I've managed is below. If I test it by stepping the source x and y coords I see that the majority of the image scrolls correctly (albeit displaying a block that's one word too far to the right in the source data), but the leftmost word is wrapping from the right. If I use a mask $0000ffff to stop that I get a blank band instead of course...

This all leads me to think I need to use another blitter channel in some way but at this point my head explodes.

SCREEN_WIDTH       equ 320
BLOCK_WIDTH        equ 64         ; Could change but will always be multiple of 16
BLOCK_HEIGHT       equ 16         ; Could change arbitrarily

; SUBROUTINE: Blit a block with dimensions
; BLOCK_WIDTH x BLOCK_HEIGHT, from pix coords (d4,d3) 
; in a bitplane starting at a1, to pix coords in (d0,d1) 
; in a bitplane starting at a0. Destination coords d0,d1
; will always be on a word boundary; d4,d3 won't!
    ; Find source address to nearest preceeding word boundary
    mulu.w #SCREEN_WIDTH/8,d3    ; d3 = sourceY * screenwidth width in bytes
    add.l d3,a1                  ; a1 += d3
    move.w d4,d6                 ; d6 = backup sourceX
    lsr.w #3,d4                  ; d4 = sourceX / 8
    and.w #$fffe,d4              ; clear lsb
    add.w d4,a1                  ; a1 = source address to nearest word, still needs shift tho!
    ; Find source shift
    and.w #$f,d6                 ; Just select 4 lowest bits of source x....
    move.w #$f,d5
    sub.w d6,d5
    lsl.w #8,d5                  ; ...and shift em up 12 so they're 4 highest bits
    lsl.w #4,d5
    or.w #$09f0,d5               ; Combine with the A->D minterm shiznaz
    ; Find destination address
    mulu.w #SCREEN_WIDTH/8,d1
    add.l d1,a0
    lsr.w #3,d0
    and.w #$fffe,d0
    add.w d0,a0                  ; a0 = dest address (will always be a word boundary)
    ; Blit it like Boris!
    move.w d5,$40+_CB            ; BLTCON0: A->D copy, with A shift from above, ascending mode
    move.w #0,$42+_CB            ; BLTCON1
    move.l #$ffffffff,$44+_CB    ; BLTAFWM and BLTALWM: No masks
    move.w #SCREEN_WIDTH/8-BLOCK_WIDTH/8,$64+_CB     ; BLTAMOD: Src A mod = effect width in bytes - blit width in bytes
    move.w #SCREEN_WIDTH/8-BLOCK_WIDTH/8,$66+_CB     ; BLTDMOD: Dest D mod = as per A
    move.l a1,$50+_CB            ; BLTAPT: Src A origin (top-left)
    move.l a0,$54+_CB            ; BLTDPT: Dest D origin (top-left)
    move.w #BLOCK_HEIGHT*64+BLOCK_WIDTH/16,$58+_CB    ; BLTSIZE: height*64 + width in words -- Blit it, Boris
Sorry about the non-consecutive register usages in the code, if it's too hard to read I can refactor it.

I can find decent sample code for the kinda inverse situation of bobs, where the source coords are nice and word-aligned but the destination is arbitrary, but haven't seen a clear example of the way round I want to do it.

At head-meets-wall point; any hints / tips / code / spoonfeeding would be massively appreciated!
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Since you are using pixel coordinates for the source you must set a different start and end mask for each blit.

Just picture on paper the different transfers and operations the blitter does on the sources and it will be simpler.

It is almost impossible to solve a problem if you do not have a clear mental model of the system so it's always a good idea to simulate the thing on paper first.
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You have to extend the blit by one extra word, use (X-1) as the X source coordinate, calculate the A source shift as (-X) mod 16, and move the destination pointer one word to the left.

A side-effect of this is that you also mess up the 16 pixel wide column just to the left of your rectangle, it becomes a scratch area of sorts, so you have to blit from right to left when drawing your screen, and of course allocate space for a margin outside the left edge of your screen. You can also use descending mode when blitting to move this scratch area to the right hand side.

If you want to avoid the above, then you have to use a third channel when blitting, acting as a mask, resulting in a 50% extra cost for all blitting.
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No mask needed because the destination is 16 bit aligned.
Was clearly not awake when I wrote that.

So much for my remark about a clear mental model.
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Leffmann, I think that's exactly what I needed, thanks I think in my use-case I can deal with drawing the screen right-to-left too to avoid needing to bring in another channel.

I'll have a fiddle and see how I get on.

ReadOnlyCat, indeed, much graph paper expended here!
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Yay, it works great!! Brill, thanks Leffmann

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