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CDTV hangs with white screen

Recently I've bought second-hand CDTV and box with parts salvaged from another unit. CDTV was said to be in pristine operating condition, except for non-working CD-ROM drive due to mechanical problem. Parts were in unknown condition.

As it turned out, CDTV was working as promised when received. In order to eliminate problem with CD drive I've did numerous things including swapping CD Drive for drive that I've found in box full of parts from another CDTV (this 'spare' CD drive is incomplete - it does not contain caddy loading mechanism). Finally I found out that CD drive is not opening caddy due to spring, that was out of place. After fixing that, I've found out, that CDTV stopped working - upon power-on it just displays white screen and nothing more. To make long story short, I'll describe current situation.

What I have:
  1. Working CDTV
  2. "Broken" CDTV
  3. All parts of another "broken" CDTV (without case and with non-working PSU)
Sequence of colors in case of working CDTV:
dark grey->light grey->white->dark grey->usual CDTV animation

In Amiga 500 mode, CDTV displays a hand with diskette just after white screen, therefore I suspect that last dark grey screen is generated by CDTV Extended ROM.

Current situation:
CDTV hangs while displaying white screen. It does not even try to boot from diskette.
When either JP15 is not connected (A500 mode) or Extension Rom is disabled (by - for example - lifting one EPROM out of socket) unit works OK, boots workbench, everything works (except for - of course - CD-ROM drive).

Since in A500 mode everything works, I suspect, that by connecting "spare" CD drive (or by running CDTV without CD drive connected at all, which may have happened too) I've broken/burnt something on motherboard (DMAC or some CD drive related circuit). CDTV Extension Rom tries to talk with that circuit or DMAC and hangs, never returning to Kickstart.
Another motherboard (from box of spare parts) exhibits exactly the same problem. (therefore I suspect that both CD drive and motherboard were not fully functional so somebody decided to sell it).

PSU generates normal voltage (although it whistles a bit).

What can I do in current situation?
What might have happened?
I haven't tried any swapping between non-working unit and a working one, since I'm a bit scared about bricking another one ):
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Toni Wilen
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I remember getting white screen when I forgot to connect all cables
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Old 01 March 2009, 01:46   #3
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Thank you very much for your response, Toni.
As it turned out, the other end of CD-rom ribbon that is hidden below motherboard was ... not connected ops:
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WOW! I found this thread and after reading through it I decided to take apart my newly purchased CDTV. The fscking CD drive cable was partly disconnected! Thanks for the tip guys :-)

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