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Software Failure - help!

I've been trying to set up a workbench 3.1 from the green alien guide.
I just finished installing magicwb when the emulator crashed and now when I try to open it, a black screen appears with orange text saying "recoveable alert" followed by a pop up window telling me"

"The installed LIBS:Picasso69/rtg.library (04.3993) should be updated. A newer version is included in the "Amiga Programs" directory of the WinUAE distribution archive.

Newer library version fixes graphics problems and increases performance."

So I close the window, the workbench opens for about half a second with the MagicWB window open, then it closes with a screen saying "Software failure". Goes back to the orange window, then the wb, the to re etc.

After doing this a few times a screen with messed up graphics appears and some sound that is a bit screwy that appears to be an introduction screen for a piece of software. Then back to the orange screen..... etc. etc. etc.

What can I do to fisx the problem? Or should I just start from scratch and hopefully not encounter the same thing again?

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Hi Jaekus,

if you have used a Windows directory as your Amiga harddrive, have a look in your WinUAE folder. There you will find a subfolder called 'Amiga Programs' with the mentioned rtg.library. Copy that one into your 'Libs' folder of your harddrive and hopefully the error is fixed
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Thanks TCD. Unfortunately that hasn't made any change to the problem. Could it be with magicwb by any chance? That window popped up again too...
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Unfortunately I'm not using MagicWB I really hope someone else here is able to help you with your problem
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Hmmm, seems noone else can help me. Maybe I should just start from scratch...
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Actually I received the same error message and fixed it with the method described by druid.

I guess it could be two distinctive issues. After you copied the latest rtg.library out of Amiga Programs to Libs: , are you still getting the same warning message? If yes, you probably didn't copy the file to the appropriate location or the copy went wrong, try again, it may definitely cure the problem. If you're not receiving the warning but WB still crashes, the two issues are not linked and probably your MagicWB installation went wrong and corrupted your workbench. I would indeed recommend to try again from scratch...

After you've installed WB3.1, make a backup of your Workbench3.1.hdf file from the hard-disk folder you created, so you don't have to go through all of this again! If anything goes wrong just replace it with your backup and you have a new WB to mess up with

Good luck

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Yeah I tried copying it into that folder a couple times with no success.

I'll try again from scratch and see if I can't mess it up again.

Thanks guys!

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