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Dopus5.91 is OUT

After ~1 year since first opensource release, we happy to release a new version of Dopus 5 !

Download it from http://dopus5.org or from https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/ in the Files section.

If you find any bug, plz report it here: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/bugs/
if you don't, then pretty possible it will be forgotten somewhere in the different forum posts.

If you want new feature be added, plz report it here: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5alla...aturerequests/
if you don't, then pretty possible it will be forgotten somewhere in the different forum posts.

Now, to requirements:

68k version: os3 with ks3.0 minimum.

If you on real-original amiga with something like 020 and without graphics card (pure ESC/AGA or so),
then you better to use old original toolbar images set if you want to avoid startup delay because
of new 256 color toolbar images which comes by default.

AmigaOS4 version: Last one always better. Most of the tests done on OS4.1 Update6 and OS4.1 Final Edition.

AROS: Last one always better. Just should be ABI V1.

! NOTE !

Because of adding more features and extend functionality, we had to change config files structure.
Old config files still can be used with no problems, but any save of config files starting with
5.91 will make it saves in new format, which mean they will not works on earler versions like 5.90, 5.82, etc.
That probably can be left unnoticed, as probably no one will save configs in newer versions of any programm
to use them in previous version of programm, but it still worth of note probably.

What new:

-- Increased embedded font filename sizes.
-- added/updated internal version checks of libs/modules to avoid crashes when users mix old and new setups
-- removed the ~1MB upper limit for the stack of launched programs (Environment/Cli Launching/Stack)
-- make default minimum stack size a bit bigger that 4000 everywhere (8192 for os3 , and 16384 for os4/mos/aros)
-- some cosmetic everywhere (like about window now contain more info, updating dopus5.guide to the latest one, and co)
-- more 64bit fixes: experimental dospatches (dopus/dospatch env) & some of modules works as expected.
-- fixed 2 bugs in xadopus.module which left unnoticed: trash of memory when close lister with content, and wrong unpacking of directories with half-same names
-- fixed most of cases when user want to use new version of dopus over old 5.82 to avoid crashes
-- reworked LowMemory handler
-- many OS3 only fixes (i.e, crash when OS3 environment palette window (configopus) closed, most of crashes because of mixing old and new componenets (like
crash if dopus5.library missing or outdated), etc). Also now ks3.0 is minimum, not ks3.1 as it was with 5.90.
-- many OS4 only fixes(i.e, making dopus5 works with recent MUIs, fixing crash if "dopus/PatchWBInfo" environmental variable is set and the WBInfo patch is used,
filetype.module crash, join.module "split" progress window graph, more 64bit fixes, lister up-scrolling problem, etc)
-- many AROS only fixes (i.e, disks can now be hidden (Environment/Desktop/HiddenDrives, saving the FTP options now works, fixig of lister's backgrounds,
fixing of deadlocks with AmiStart, drag mask for screens with high color depth, popup menu icon, etc)
-- All the little tweaks and fixes all over the place, check the ChangeLog for more details.

In end of all we need to say thanks to:

- Olaf : who deal with GPSoft to get source code and whole community who do donations and lately testing.
- Xenic : who actually start whole porting and fix/rewrite a lot of code, and who is one working on dopus5 currently.
- Itix : because of who morphos version even in current buggy form is possible (we still looking for someone who can fix few mos-only bugs).
- BSZili : because of who AROS versions is possible, bunch of bugs fixed, done improvements like 64bit support, native icons, better title-bar handling,
proper removal of patches, and so on.
- Rigo : who make important fixes for aos4 version and improve look of dopus5 as well.
- Mason : for his artwork (icons/toolbar images/etc).
- As well as to Thore, SBA, Jens and others who help with ideas and suggestions.
- And to all others who support, betatest it and still use that uniq piece of amiga software from past.

Enjoy ! (And remember to report bugs on sourceforge).
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Very cool, thanks
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Old 31 August 2015, 00:44   #3

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Great! Thanks for the work mates.
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Yes, thanks for the hard work
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Old 31 August 2015, 07:32   #5
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Question: Would it be possible at all to compile a version for 68000?
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Thanx for all the hard work!
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Old 31 August 2015, 20:05   #7
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Wow, my favorite file manager is back! Thanx guys, great work.
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Is Dopus 4 source available anywhere? I never really liked 5, but 4 was absolutely fantastic.

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Old 31 August 2015, 23:44   #10
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Dunny, you can get it from here; http://dopus.free.fr/download.php
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Question: Would it be possible at all to compile a version for 68000?
Probably nope, as if i remember right gcc for 68k do bins for 020 minimum, but that to be checked

Is Dopus 4 source available anywhere? I never really liked 5, but 4 was absolutely fantastic.
There is also dopus4 SF repo (have os3, os4 and mos branches):
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Excellent! Thanks for the great work~!

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