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Old 14 August 2001, 21:58   #1
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Favourite Business Game

Sod the options just list your favourites

My experience with this type of game is somewhat lacking in affraid, but I'm looking to rectify this with your help

Currently the only bussines strategy game I have ever played and liked on Amiga is Detroit AGA (The car building one), some of you may think this game is crap (But I like it). So I'm asking you guys what your favourite is so I can give them a try.
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Old 14 August 2001, 23:05   #2
Fred the Fop
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Ian...another of my favourite genres
Yes, I have tried Detroit AGA, it is superb, and well crafted. A similar game, Oldtimer, in German, is available at BTTR.

Amoung my favourites in this genre include Railroad Tychoon and the really strange game called Hillside Lido..its a game where you try to manage a resort beach type area, but not a exotic locale, more like low class area...here in New York we have Coney Island.
In UK, I'd gather it'd be Blackpool. I am at work, when I get home, I'll edit with sscreenshot
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Old 15 August 2001, 01:12   #3
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I used to like Detroit a lot, but somehow after I hadn't played it for a long time I couldn't really get started when I got back to playing it.

As for Railroad tycoon. Well that was one of the better games (In my opinion)
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Old 15 August 2001, 02:15   #4
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Ports O Call (or was it "Ports of Call"?) was my favorite biz simulation. The graphics by Jim Sachs were top notch (check out his www.serenescreen.com to see what he's doing today) and the game even had an action part where you could steer the ships in and out of harbor.

But then, I never played any other business simulations.
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Old 15 August 2001, 02:36   #5
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How could I forget ...

Oil Imperium, I'm so stupid First stratagy game I ever played (On the ST though) I am still as crap at this game now as I was back in the day, but it doesn't hamper my enjoyment of this game in the slightest, a quality game and no mistake, by crickey

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Old 15 August 2001, 03:47   #6
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I must agree with Gary (DPainter's pic).

Ports of call is one of the best business games on the Amiga
Old 15 August 2001, 08:05   #7
Tim Janssen
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Cool Some Business games

Generally I don't like Business sims. They are so bloody boring -almost like real life.
On the Amiga I know some Business games, most German. 1869 and The Patrician are good ones because they received rave reviews all those years ago. I don't know if you would call Bullfrog's Theme Park a business game or a Sim City clone, but that is one of my favourite games on Amiga and PC.
On Amiga I have Rainbow Arts' Mad TV which has you managing a TV station; Buy some dumb shows, ads, trashy cheap movies and people will still watch TV. It is almost like real-life.
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Old 15 August 2001, 12:03   #8
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Smile Non-Brits Won't Get This!!!

Ok who is the Helen fan here?
Come on own up!!
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Old 15 August 2001, 18:18   #9
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Stick out tongue

Business games? Sorry, I don't recognise those titles and I don't quite know wot you mean by business games.

Duh, I'm the captain, my son's name is Bart.
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Old 15 August 2001, 19:05   #10
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My fave biz sims was Theme Park. what you mean "no, it isn't"? Good ole Molyneux origially conceived it as a more biz-oriented sim, but the theme park errr... theme, spoiled it for good . Put it in full simulation mode though, and you are in for a treat.
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Old 20 August 2011, 14:41   #11
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gameplay of Oldtimer: [ Show youtube player ] and Mag: [ Show youtube player ]

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Old 20 August 2011, 20:41   #12
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>10 years necro bump Well done s2325...
Seriously, please just make a 'my videos' thread or use the existing Amiga video thread.
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Old 21 August 2011, 12:32   #13
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Amazing - I read the whole thread with interest without even recognizing it's more than 10 years old. Without your post I still wouldn't know I wonder when time stopped for the Amiga, maybe in 1999 or 2000...
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