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AmiBlitz3 vs Mildred library ?

I was searching information about programming in BlitzBasic but with C2P routine and making calculations in FAST ram.
And I found that Mildred library that says its the fastest thing on Blitz Basic. But its from 2000, and AmiBlitz3 is still on development.

1. So, did somebody tried to compare the performance of Mildred lib and Amiblitz3?
2. Does Amiblitz3 have own C2P routine for amigas without graphic cards?
3. Is Amiblitz3 optimized to use also FAST not only CHIP memory?

Thanks in advance!
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The core Blitz graphics routines are optimised for direct custom chip use, so deal with planar graphics formats only, and requires all data concerned to be in chip RAM as a result. I can't imagine this has changed for Amiblitz 3, which takes a different approach by adding system-friendly graphics routines as includes using graphics.library instead

I don't know of any C2P routines specific to Amiblitz 3, other than the ones that use the OS routines which might not necessarily be the fastest.

So, I would imagine the Mildred library is still the way to go, but that can still be used with Amiblitz 3.
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