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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Still have a A1200 nowadays (scrapped my faulty A1200 tower (Faulty tower haha))

A Fawlty Towers video game, now there's a missed opportunity!
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I had a 4x Yamaha cd burner in my 1200 Ateo tower. I backed up everything before I sold it. Thank god I did. Thousands of hours of work I'd put in making music and videos that I still get something out of today. Miss the Amiga though...
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I didnt exactly throw away my Amiga - the police took it - but I did pick up from the prosecution evidence a CD backup of the whole BBS :-)
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I kept a small amount of documents for college notes, etc and converted to windows write then MSWord then finally OpenDocument format. So while they are not in their original Amiga format some data still exists.
A few papers all I had was printed document so I scanned and re-typed those.
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I burned the two partitions of my old Conner to two separate CDs in 1996.
Threw away the harddisk in 1998.
Eventually making .hdf's out of the CDs for use with WinUAE around 2005.
Threw away the CDs that same year.
My external Firewire-drive got corrupted around 2006 - destroying all data.
I didn't have a working backup...
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I lost several programs and some documents, partly due to neglect and partly due to failing HDs. I did backups, but it was painful with floppies. Later I moved backups to a Sun, and this was before I had version control. I thought I got the data, but it turned out that very little of it was actually preserved and is now probably gone forever.

I kind of regret more that I gave away two complete sets of RKMs, one white and one dark grey, when I moved overseas. I had to downsize and I never thought I would use the Amiga again.

I did keep many floppies, but only a small fraction of the stuff I want is actually on them. I also kept my A3000, and I am very happy about that.
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I think one of the dumbest things my parents ever did was throw out the games to faulty systems we had (C64, A1200 and NES), thinking ‘no one will ever want to use them’, cue me when I’m older.
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