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View Poll Results: Which was the best console (...and why) ???
SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis rules 50 35.46%
PC Engine is the best 21 14.89%
SNES Super Nintendo ! Of course... 60 42.55%
I don't know... 10 7.09%
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Old 01 May 2012, 08:44   #121
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I had to go for the megadrive, but it wasnt an easy choice.
PC-Engine was a mixed bag. Had some really nice games (best vresion of street fighter out of the 3 (ironically snes, despite being remembered for having a great sf2, actually had the worst versions of sf2 out of the 3, but that's kinda splitting hairs as all 3 formats had good versions), but it also showed itself for being partially 8bit fairly regularly too. There's also a zealot or 2 I know that turned me off the pc-engine somewhat.
Snes is probably my least favorite of the 3 (although I didnt dislike any of them). Mostly because of its pretty generic game "feel". I always put this down to it having such a weak cpu and relying so heavily on custom chips. While all machines have a distinctive feel, the snes for my tastes suffered a little from it. It stands out so much that there's an almost game construction kit like similarity to a lot of games (not suggesting theyre bad like with a lot of construction kits, just that there's a parallel with the similarity of games).
The megadrive was for my tastes the best overall balance, and its hardware flexible enough for coders to do interesting things with for the longest period of time. Having said this though, it probably had a larger percentage of average/bad games than the others. By sheer weight of numbers though this isnt really a problem.

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Is it A-Miga Drive hardware fake? [ Show youtube player ]

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Think that's an April fools ;-)
Still good fun

I think there was a lead you could connect the magic drive to Amiga - Store your MD roms on Amiga I know its not the same but would be cool
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Old 10 June 2012, 22:54   #124
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amazing music in SNES cracktro: [ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Rock 'n Roll Racing
A bit by chance (browsing the romhacking forums), I stumbled upon some Rock'n Roll racing hacks by someone called Ti:

A very interesting one is:
[SNES] Rock n' Roll Racing Hack - adds 36 tracks from Sega version

I had to look a bit online to understand correctly. Apparently, the MegaDrive version of RRNR has different tracks for division B and division A of each planet.
So with this hack you have that instead of the same tracks for division A and B.
Not sure why it is only 36 tracks though (should be 6x8 instead of what I suppose is 6x6). I have not played enough (just played first planet first 4 tracks to advance to division A and see if things actually worked) to check that.

I also "browsed" most of the tracks (playing in VS mode and giving up after doing one lap). The first "new" ones seem a bit simple (a few turns and bumps here and there) but the later ones seemed quite interesting in design.

The guy also made a lot of hacks for the MD version (I suppose it is easier to hack or that he is more familiar with this console). Apparently the top hack listed (currently Rock n' Roll Racing Hack v15 alpha !) is a compilation of those hacks.
I advise to at least take a look as there is some pretty fun things there such as:
- 6 competitors
- a new difficulty level
- new vehicles and musics
and other things I don't remember right now.

There are hacks for other games (mainly MegaDrive games) for those interested.
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Old 07 August 2012, 20:12   #126
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Rock n Roll Racing, spent many an hour on the Snes version. both beta and retail. Beta also had more options and tracks than the retail version i had. Just a great game, never cheated either
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Old 08 August 2012, 00:02   #127
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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Beta also had more options and tracks than the retail version i had. Just a great game, never cheated either
Ah, then perhaps it is the tracks from the beta that the hack I linked to restores in a sort of way rather than a re-implementation of the MD tracks.

Can't disagree with you as it is my favourite racing game and I even enjoy doing stuff like racing with a wheeled vehicle on NHO.

If you never cheated, you should at least once, to try and check the "Phantom" (probably a secret character that was never implemented completely):

Also, by cheating you can do some interesting stuff. I remember that to play with a friend I had made cheat codes to have infinite ammo for the weapons/boosters (well, technically it was just finding the values and telling the emulator to freeze them).
It made playing with the marauder/dirt devil almost balanced when playing on something else than the two first planets.

Things looked a bit silly though when the track was littered with sliding spikes (or whatever they are called, the equivalent of mines for those vehicles)

Btw, in case you don't know about it there is a remake in the work by a Russian team:
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

Too bad that they seem to be a bit busy with other things right now. Let's hope they can get it out in 2012 as they hoped. But well, I'd prefer to wait several years and get a good game rather than having today a game that would be rushed and play worse than the original.
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Old 16 January 2013, 17:01   #128
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I was a irrational, absolutely fanatic Nintendo fan until I got my hands on a SEGA's Dreamcast, though I was also secretly in love with Megadrive games like Ecco The Dolphin, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Alien 3, Thunderforce IV and Aladdin...

In the end though, I'll go for the Super Nintendo. No other console has a library consisting of so many high-quality games...
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