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Old 23 June 2002, 18:17   #1
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Eek Helllllppp!

i need the name of a game i really liked!
u were a craft of some sort, flying through a series of tunnels, like wormholes, that you had to navigate, and these were full of traps like doors closing the tunnels and bright couloured blocks that damaged your craft if you hit them. i also remember the walls of the tunnels of some levels were see-through.
can anyone help me? Cody, do u have a screenshot?
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Gonna guess at this one myself, Tunnels of Armmegeddon perhaps by California Dreams???

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Into the Wonderful

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...or maybe Microcosm?
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Old 24 June 2002, 15:59   #4
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no, sorry, it's not either of those...
the graphics were very very simplistic, and there was no mission of anykind, apart from get to the end!
also it had a kick ass music score to go with it
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It's got to be StunRunner
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Old 24 June 2002, 21:52   #6
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What was the viewing perspective, Chase view like STUN Runner, or horizontal, or what?

Could also be Fantastic Voyage but I don't think so, I'm inclined towards STUN Runner too.
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Old 25 June 2002, 12:29   #7
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it was in first-person view, and the tunnels were square
i remember a bit of the plot too: you are a prisoner and have to run this maze for the entertainment of the boss guy.
Old 25 June 2002, 13:43   #8
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I am 90% certain that this game is called "Hydrozone". Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot at the mo. It is a PD game by Skull Army Software. I found it on an Assassins Special disk that was distributed with the UK magazine Amiga Action.
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Old 25 June 2002, 14:57   #9
Tim Janssen
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Question Hoversprint

Maybe it is Hoversprint by Codemasters? This game too had you flying 3D 'into-the-screen'. I don't have a screenshot, though.
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Old 25 June 2002, 15:35   #10
RIP Friends
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Have a look here...
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Old 25 June 2002, 16:56   #11
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Hydrozone i think is right:
"You are my prisoner, there is no escape unless you play my game, known as the hyrdozone"
Started off with you going through little squares and then you were through square tunnels dodging objects.
There were occasional bosses, the first one was a face, then there was target practise for extra health
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Old 26 June 2002, 05:24   #12

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Hydrozone has all this stuff.. it HAS to be Hydrozone ..
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Old 26 June 2002, 15:37   #13
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hydrozone! that's the one, thanks a lot people
i ithink i played it on that assasins disc that came with a couple of other games
thanks again!
Old 27 June 2002, 00:18   #14
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Big grin

I was just thinking about that game the other day....thanks from me too.....
Old 27 June 2002, 00:43   #15
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it came out with revolver and whist if i remember correctly
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Old 29 June 2002, 11:39   #16
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Incidently I was playing this game on my A1200 for the first time a few months ago and I noticed that the floors of the tunnel levels contain little coloured dots here and there - this doesn't happen on my A600. Bug or AGA enchancement I wonder?
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