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Originally Posted by Sober1977 View Post
Cheers for that but im still confused. How would I get my PC to 'see' the PCMCIA card? Do I need to buy something else as well?

I know I need to plug this card into the A1200 but there's no where for it to plug into a PC.
No this will let you use CF cards on the Amiga
- And aslong your Pc has Usb you just need a simple CF card reader £7.23
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Originally Posted by Sober1977 View Post
Hi folks

Im also experiencing problems in getting classic amiga games onto a pc disc and then onto the Amiga 1200. I intend to use CrossDOS when I finally get the adf on a disc but i cant even get that far.

Basically, Iv formatted it using the following code:

format a: /t:80 /n:9

But the disc size is 730KBs whereas most of my individual roms are 880KB;s. Is there any way around this?
How i did it...

I used my cross dos disk that comes on a demo disk to format the disk,its here.. http://amr.abime.net/issue_196_coverdisks

Then i mounted DI0:,I ziped the game i wanted on the pc with the ziper in xp,then copied the zip to the dos disk,put in my amiga 1200 and copied the zip from the dos disk to my hard drive.

Copied transadf to hard drive from ms dos disk after coping it to it from pc..

Take ms dos disk out of amiga and put in amiga formated disk..

Then i opened amiga shell..

typed DH0:


Transadf df0: dh0:"what ever the zip is called".zip w n "what ever the adf is called in the zip".adf

(You can do it by using the ram disk,just copy the zip and transadf to ram and in amiga shell type ram: then type Transadf df0: ram:"what ever the zip is called".zip w n "what ever the adf is called in the zip".adf)

And it will start writing to the disk in the amiga drive.


Hope this helps..

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I got my USB 2.0 HDD 2.5 Inch HARD DISK DRIVE CASE today and its great,WinUAE picked up the hard drive strate away and booted from it,now i can easily transfer the games over to my A1200..

No drivers needed..

It uses the usb power from the pc so you not have to have a psu to power it..

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Edited above post...

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Bit of a different question here! I have a A1200 Power Tower,Apollo 1260,3.5 10gb Hard Drive connect via a 4 way adaptor buffer interface, Sony CD-RW Running OS3.5 at present.

The issue i have is after i have installed about 800mb of the information onto the drive, when i re boot the Amiga seems to lose some hard disc partitions i have created and says that they are HD3:uninitalized instead of say WHD Games. This always happens after a reboot.

Also when i reformat the partition which has been lost and start installing other items then another HD partition become uninitialized.

Cannot figure out why the Amiga is doing this and all i want is a stable workbench install!

Please help!
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I know this bug, it happens only with HD bigger than 4 gb. It simply writing datas of blocks after this border to the beginning of disk like say we have 4096 blocks limit on amiga but disk is 5096 so amiga instead writing to lets say 5000 block will wrote to 4 block. There some patches on aminet for this.

But that;s weird - this system shoudl work even with disks bigger than 4 gb. Check HDToolbox for disks information.

Ok solution - http://strohmayer.org/
SFS site - suggestion from Shoonay

and read this http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=9910

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