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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
I have seen lots of nice demos, but very few of them has actually materialized to games. It is has much less work to port game than create new.
Indeed, and that's why I said _IF_ I ever continue working on it

Creating all the sprites and levels is big job. Bigger than many could though.
Of course it's a big job, but then again, even for a port the graphics would pretty much have to be redone anyway to suit the 16 color palette. And to be honest, if I'm spending a lot of time getting something to work on the A500, then why not spend some extra time and make it something of my own.

Another thing is, can you keep fps if there is a movin object in screen, like enemy?
The fps will definitely be worse with realtime raycasting and sprite rendering added, which is also a reason for why making my own game would be more attractive, as I could scale down the complexity to a level that still retains a reasonable framerate.
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IMHO, the faster fps - the better, however, I feel that even half of the fps that is there already, would be a very playable game.
People played Cytradel, on stock A500 back then, even it was slow as politician speech, yet they enjoyed. We are kind-a spoiled these days.
I keep my finger crossed, and hoping for the best.
Cheers to all.
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Miggy4eva you're certainly a passionate man. And I appreciate passion, but you need some serious reality checks here:

OCS uses a 16-bit datapath and a 512kb/1mb chip mem, while in theory sufficient, isn't when you consider that much more than graphics data on an Amiga is stored there.

The 286, which is a base config for a Wolf3D game, is so much more powerful than the 68000 the A500 comes with.

That an Atari ST is a good baseline to understand why your dream just isn't possible, even with a skilled assembly coder there is simply not enough resources.

I did some basic theorizing on what an A500 could do, after looking at the Wolf3D code for the PC. And I came up with:

16 colours, at the most

Runs in a window with doubled pixels, effective resolution something like 160x100

And 15fps framerate.

This is assuming massive optimizations and leveraging of assembler, doesn't include music or sound routines, and some other general optimizations.

No, your expectations are impossible. It's just not a thing we can do on this hardware. I'm not being mean. I'm not trying to crush your dreams. You just can't really do it.

The Amiga was a neat piece of tech for its time, but it wasn't revolutionary. None of the home computers were. They were about 3-5 years behind the stuff being used in the high end, such as VAX, for example, or later something like PA-RISC or Alpha AXP. Emotion and faith doesn't boil down to raw numbers.

Your dream could probably be done on an A3000, for example, without any issue and with basic optimizations, but you don't have realistic expectations for that.
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