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Need moar hype.

A recurring thought I'd like to share: it's refreshing to see all those new Amiga games projects popping up everywhere, but I really think one thing missing from all of them is HYPE.
Besides developers' diaries, back in the days I remember getting hyped as fuck reading the previews sections from Amiga magazines. You know, a small but well written column with some nice preview pics could do wonders to building up the expectations for a particular game, even if in the end it turned out to be complete garbage.
Now we have many projects started as forum posts, or hints throw here and there that something is coming and then out of nowhere suddenly a brand new game gets released only to be very often overseen/forgotten in a few days.
Wouldn't it be awesome if someone wrote some kind of monthly newsletter, with previews from upcoming games? Something really simple, i.e. some words describing the game, one or two screenshots from the latest build, some concept art, an ETA, everything the developers could provide, would be amazing. A simple html format page (no css, tables ftw!) readable on a real Amiga would be more than enough.
I wish I had some spare time to start a project like this by myself, but am too busy with real life these days...
Anyone out there willing to start feeding the hype?
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Quite frankly, this is asking for a lot of dedication and effort on someone's part.

If the developers themselves are either releasing only "hints thrown here and there" by means of forum posts, as you have observed, or else releasing new Amiga games unannounced, then how exactly is one meant to put together a suitably informative monthly newsletter based purely on that!?!
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Check out the latest weekly Commodore News over at http://awesome.commodore.me, and quite recently we have reviewed 2 new C64 game releases from RGCD. What was you after exactly? there's also other Commodore News sites and latest Amiga and C64 game review websites out there, maybe you need to google a bit more
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I thought that´s what the news section is for.
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Not everything get's added to the news section unfortunately, we basically rely on all the members to post any news themselves.
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