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PCMCIA media adapter: changing cards?

I've got a couple of these PCMCIA card readers and I had them for a while. I love them.

One thing that "pisses me off" about them, though, is that if I want to take the card out and replace it for a different one, while the Amiga is on, or if I put it in my other computer and change its contents an then pop it back in, after re-insertion the system will not show any changes or some times crash.

The only way I can do this is by completely removing the PCMCIA adapter and plugging it back in or, of course, restarting the machine. I don't want to do either, for the first one will give extra wear to the flimsy PCMCIA port and the second one is just preposterous.

Is there any way to avoid this? Is this a fault of the cf device driver?
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Old 29 December 2011, 09:48   #2
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I have two identical SD card readers which I use with my Amigas. One of them is able to detect card changes, while the other needs to be re-inserted like yours. I don't know why one is different to the other. It's a shame these ones are almost unavailable or too expensive to be worth buying anymore, I wouldn't mind a few more.

Not sure about the crashes, but do you have CardReset and CardPatch installed?
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Old 29 December 2011, 14:04   #3
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I have one that recognises disk change, so it might be the adapter?

I don't use CardReset or Cardpatch, I don't think I need them for a A600.
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Old 29 December 2011, 15:25   #4
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compactflash.device has cardreset functionality built in.
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Old 29 December 2011, 22:21   #5
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I CAN change the card but it doesn't usually update, specially if you insert the same card but you have updated the contents. Trying to read an updated dir crashes the system on certain applications.

I bought my adapters from two different sources, and both act the same way as far as I can tell. There re still some available on ebay for cheap, though.
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Old 30 December 2011, 00:40   #6
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Interesting. I'll try on my a600 at some point and see how mine works... I know card change is fine on 1200...
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Old 03 January 2012, 04:58   #7
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have you tried to use the DISKCHANGE DEVICE whatever your pcmcia card is to force a change/refresh??

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Old 03 January 2012, 15:02   #8
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No, I haven't, but that beats the purpoose, it's easier to just remove the device rather than execute a diskchange command on a new card.
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