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Old 29 October 2002, 18:53   #81
Going nowhere

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There are two installers:

1). The disk installer (to duplicate the protection)
2). And the Hard drive installer that was updated twice, the last version supported 68o6o.

Look around for it, if you can't find it, I'll fire up the A4ooo and retrieve it from there.
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Old 13 November 2002, 01:30   #82
Carlos Ace
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Post ELF

ELF from Ocean
Well, well, well. What can I write in this sector ? I could tell you nosy sods to bugger off. Hmmm, OK then ... BUGGER OFF YOU NOSY SODS !!!!!!!! Copy this disk and your knob will fall off. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Don't come running to me with your meat and two veg ! I was only joking - honest .... BYE BYE. See you on the next game
and this other message in the begining of each sector:
well this one appears in other games too ...
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Old 16 November 2002, 15:49   #83
Going nowhere

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Kick Off 3

Dr.John says: Don't change this! It is coded in S-P-A-G-E-T-T-I (c) 1994 self protecting code. You will not be able to decypher ALL the hidden secrets of KICK OFF 3, many have tried, none have succeeded. Rrrrriight Tasty

Needless to say..... spagetti code it wasn't, time consuming to crack, but certainly not hard!
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Old 19 November 2002, 05:38   #84
Cable Buyer
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Bards Tale C64

"Lick my user port"

Is my skirt showing?


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Old 19 November 2002, 11:20   #85
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Jeff Minter message:

Somebody in this thread mentioned Jeff Minter but could not remember his message. Well, here it is:

"May the flees of thousands of camels infect your armpits forever"
(Revenge of the Mutant Camels)

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Old 19 November 2002, 13:05   #86
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Did you know even arcade roms have messages? From Donkey Kong (Japenese version)


I wonder if the offer is still open?
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Old 19 November 2002, 13:28   #87
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Question is though if it isn't just a trap.
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Old 19 November 2002, 13:57   #88
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Hmm, reminds me of all your base are belong to us
Old 19 November 2002, 14:57   #89
Going nowhere

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All you base are belong to us

Pretty funny!

Like a really really bad Japanese translation gone wrong
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Old 22 November 2002, 22:24   #90
Carlos Ace
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Crazy Sue

OUPS, I think there is a lame guy who uses a monitor......What do you want ????? Hey, I know ! Making a trainer version, eh ???? What about using the build in trainer ? And what about writing your mega mighty lamename in the title text ??? Oh, that will make your group famous, believe me ! Well, that was the message to the lamers, now let us come to the essential things:
We, the programmers and grafix, spend nearly six weeks of our life in developing this blablablablablablablablabla. Spread not the word without the disk and have a good time on the next copy party.
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Old 03 January 2003, 18:33   #91
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Time Scanner - 1989 activision

the classic RNC text in the bootblock :
Protection (C)Copyright 1989 Rob Northen Computing. All Rights Reserved.

followed by :
Well, you will never learn Mr. Northen !! This protection is a piece of shit !!!
Cracked by the BEST ... QUARTEX !..
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Old 19 January 2003, 17:22   #92
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Hi All,

I don't think anyone has mentioned the rants of Richard Alpin from Final Fight and Line of Fire. There pretty long and so I won't post them(Unless someone wants it). Although, you can just open the disk (Disk 1) image in wordpad and search for Alpin or Richard. The text is in the startup-sequence, if you want to look at it on a real amiga or an emulator.

P.s. Get the Quartex crack of Final Fight to see a reply from the Ben/The Surge.
Old 20 January 2003, 10:31   #93
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We"re lazy!

Or rather: I'm a lazy git. Could you post it anyway?
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Old 24 January 2003, 21:59   #94
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Reply by The Surge

A note to Richard Aplin: Yeah, you're right, you must not be into making

good protections anymore because this took me all of 3 minutes to crack.

I would not even bother writing you this message had it not been for your

prior love note. Maybe a game of chess would have been more amusing, but then

again, your attitude makes it seem like you are the guy who always lost

at chess, therefore think it a stupid game. Whatever, I have a lot of

respect for game programmers, and would like to keep it that way.

btw: as far as your ego, Double Dragon and Shinobi amiga were nothing

to have an ego about, BUT! this is a superb conversion.
Old 24 January 2003, 22:03   #95
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The text from Final Fight


I have uploaded it as an attached file - nfo.
Attached Files
File Type: nfo finalfight.nfo (23.8 KB, 1037 views)
Old 24 January 2003, 22:10   #96
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Line of Fire text

Hi All,

Again attached as a nfo. Just open using notepad or wordpad, as you probably already know.
Attached Files
File Type: nfo line of fire.nfo (4.4 KB, 719 views)
Old 25 February 2003, 14:47   #97
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thanx for uploading these files

The 1st part is really exhilarating!!

The 2nd part is sooooo wordy.... I though I was a very wordy dude ,putting "endless" babbling in readme files or in comments of sources, yet, that guy beats all the records :eek

Excellent to give such a detailed info on his background. I wondered if he'd stop before giving his personal measurements ( ) or his favourite corn-flakes brand .
Old 07 October 2003, 18:17   #98
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Crackers get a telling-off from Alien Breed author :)

This might be very old hat, but at least me hasn't known of this yet. I sometimes try to find out cracking groups of intro-less games by looking into the hex code.
You DO find bizarre things there somewhere!

Look ...

BTW: does anyone know if this is jumped to in the game code (i. e. displayed in any form, for instance, if you f*ck up the protection) or is it just unlinked text written inside?

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Old 07 October 2003, 18:27   #99
Fantasy Man!

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That would probably come out cleaner in something like WordPad as the squares a line-breaks.

But interesting none the less.
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Old 07 October 2003, 18:44   #100
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I think I've seen this one before, it does look familiar.

I remember back in the C64 days an app that loaded up a nice little animation if the copy protection failed. It was basically a graveyard with a prominent tombstone in the center that read:



Which if you're familiar with the old C64 scene was the initials of Mike J. Henry of Fast Hack'em fame
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