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Stuck in the 80s

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Happy Audio hardware pron!

No, not an Amiga but a stupidly oversized DAC which I've owned for quite a while now... was doing some swapping around with my player tonight and thought I'd take some pics.

These were made in the early 1990's. Totally over the top - money no object design/build. Alpine (manufacturer) made a loss on each one made (limited numbers)... RRP was a crazy £899 in 1992 in the UK although I have heard they originally sold for over a grand at one point...

Seperate PCBs for the analog/digital sections. The fluency method it uses is quite interesting and never seen it used much in other audio applications... does anyone know if it is still used these days

I love the LED's in the top. So cool.... oh and it'll take upto a 48K signal (okay not much by todays standards but I only use it for Ceedees....)

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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@Paul s

A true beauty to behold there m8y!

I had a friend a looooong time ago in the mid 90's that had this unit in his Pimped Vox-haul

alway trying to out-do the kenwood crowd.... oh those heady teenage days.....
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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
@Paul s

A true beauty to behold there m8y!
Indeed! I still use almost daily my 23 year-old Pioneer amp and you have there a true gem.
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Its a prehistoric PC-soundcard?
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