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Big grin Intro and a question

Hi Everyone,

I have recently dug out my two old Amigas and am enjoying playing around with them again (I finally have space to set them up!). I had a C-64 all through Uni and graduated to a A1000 as soon as I got a job and could afford it. Neither have been turned on since 1996 so I have discovered just how much I have forgotten about setting them up. Finding the active Amiga community and new hardware for sale on the net has been a pleasant surprise too as these machines have always been my favourites.

I'd appreciate some advice on setup though. What optimisations should I be doing to make my A2000 as fast as possible. I have copied the ROMs to FastRAM but that is the extent of my knowledge. Anything else I should be doing? And while you are in the advice mood, are their any utilities that are "must haves"? I am not that interested in games, I'd just like to set up a productive environment and who knows, I might even get back to programming on them

My current hardware is:
A2000 - 68EC030 25Mhz, ECS, 1MB Chip RAM + 4 MB FastRAM (GVP Series II Hard Disk Card) + 9MB 32bit FastRAM (GVP G-Force 030 Combo) with 500MB Quantum SCSI drive, Commodore FlickerFixer, AMax2+, 286 Bridgeboard, HD floppy, KS 2.04 and WB 2.1.
A1000 - 68000, 512kb Chip RAM, 1.5MB FastRAM, 1084 monitor, KS 1.3 and WB 1.3.

I have ordered KS/WB 3.1 for the A2000 and have bought Amiga Forever 2009. Very pleased with Amiga Explorer which makes backing up all those floppies easy via a serial cable. Currently trying to justify to spouse why my antique computer needs to be connected to the network with the other 7 machines in this house

Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for the active Amiga community.
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Welcome to EAB rjm

Glad to see you've returned to the good old Amiga
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Hi rjm, and welcome to EAB.

Originally Posted by rjm View Post
Are their any utilities that are "must haves"? I am not that interested in games, I'd just like to set up a productive environment and who knows, I might even get back to programming on them
The most productive environment you can get for your Amiga while you are getting back into the Amiga frame of mind will be one of Bloodwych's Classic Workbench distributions.

Read all about them here:
They contain all the "must have" utilities wou will need.

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Heya and welcome

Well, if your wife is such a good woman as to let you have a network of 7 computers, why not make it 9? That's what I can think of in terms of justifications... OR...

Make 'em look less old (can of black spray paint!!) and make her use WB to start Sim City on your A1000, and quietly tip-toe out of the room... maybe she will start to like them then
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Thanks for the welcome.

@prowler Went and had a look at ClassicWB and it is downloading as I type. Looks like it will a lot of fun to explore. Now I just have to wait for those 3.1 ROMS from the UK, sigh. Thanks for the info.

I've started backing up all my floppies to ADF on the Vista box and been amazed how well they have aged. Only one failure so far and the older ones are 22 years old... very impressive.

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