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Please help - newbie here

Hi All, hoping someone on here can help
I've recently purchased a second hand amiga e500 and I want to be able to copy some emulated games from my pc so I can play them on the amiga

Also how do I copy orginal games for my amiga?

any help would be appreciated. thanks

**and I have read the FAQ, I just need some simple steps (if there are any)**

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heys Mekon, and welcome to the EAB

okay your newly aquired A500 is indeed a fine machine and there are several ways you can get games from your PC to the A500, there are easy ways and there are ... less easy.. soo... lets see... heres a method overview

1: SERIAL / LAPLINK Network/
You can buy from ebay for about £15 a cable and software to make a limmited network. from this you can create REAL amiga disk images.

2: HARDDISK: - Using WinUAE to create HARDDISK setup.
This is a little more tricker and requires a little more know-how insofar of the nature of amiga's. However its pretty much the most effective way of copying all your required content onto a harddisk (or CF card with ide apater). You will need something like this http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showha...cgi?HARDID=522 wich you can find something simular on ebay from time to time...

If you are fortunate to Optical media access, you can burn compilation disks with all the game images you need, (you will have to change settings on the PC to ALLOW long file extentions, and turn the joilet crap off).. http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showha...cgi?HARDID=533 these are a little more rare, but i have seen a couple of these go on ebay of late (arround the £25 mark)

You can buy a catweasel Mk4, this allows you to read and write AMIGA disks on a PC (provided you also have an AMIGA floppy drive attached to the card). personally I would steer away from method of solution at the moment as its very tricky (to say the lest ) to get working flawlessly.


Making Backups.

Primarly you will need access to one or more Amiga FDD's a copying program like D-Copy 3 (my favourite) or such like.. a lot of patience and floppy disks.

not all originals can be copied in this manner however and you may require additional hardware such as a small *dongle* that attaches between the rear disk-drive port and the disk drive (Cyclone 1/2, Apex etc).

you can get these *dongels* for arround £5. however the games that will need this level of duplication are far and few between. your hardest thing here will be finding decent floppy disk media lol.

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Hi Mekon,
To transfer your ADFs to your A500's floppy disk, you should use ADF Sender Terminal with Transdisk and a nullmodem cable.
Have a nice day.
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