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Question Converting back emulator files to play on original amiga (using PC only)

Hi guys. This is my first post on the board so appologies if this has been answered before.

I used to own an Amiga 500 with loads of games and accessories but that is buried deep in the loft somewhere, along with all my original disks. I have a few roms and wanted to convert them back to Amiga disks but google just provides a useless string of broken links and daunting sounding instructions involving network cables and the like. I recently bought an Amiga 600 off ebay but unfortuantly have nothing but the amiga with no workbench.

So is there a programme that does it all on a PC - converting the files that is, or is there an easy way to do it with just a basic amiga


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Nope, it's not possible using just a PC unless you have a CatWeasal to write the disks with, PC floppy drive controllers are incapable of writing Amiga format disks.

You're gonna have to bite the bullet and dig out at least one working Amiga disk to boot with.
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There is no way using a standard PC disk controller to write an Amiga formatted diskette for use on an actual Amiga. There is a special controller called the Catweasel that is at least capable of reading Amiga diskettes, but I'm not sure that much if any support is provided for writing them at this point. The best bet is to transfer files from the PC to the Amiga via either a serial link, or if you have CrossDos on the Amiga, they can be transferred via 720K PC formatted diskettes. Once transferred, the files can be converted back to an Amiga formatted diskette in most cases, though some stuff doesn't cooperate very well. The Amiga can do pretty much what needs to be done IF you get the files there in the first place. By the way, they're not "roms" ... they are disk images. Roms really aren't a lot of fun to play around with on the Amiga, and some folks get a bit huffy if you refer to Amiga games as roms.
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Thanks for your help people.

I had another dig around in the loft and although I didnt find my disks I found a few demos, a gamepad, workbench 2.04, football masters manual and protection wheels for Premier Manager 1 and 3!

Obviously Workbench is the key, I also got this off eBay so I can convert the ADF's across


Thanks again


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