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keep up the good work!

Nice work on the new releases of winfellow & good luck with the C conversion guys. Looking forward to the new features!
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Yeah thanks winfellows... At last I can play Amiga elite again on my p166. Happy me.
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If winfellow didn't exist, we couldn't appreciate the beauty of winuae. Thanks winfellow, you give us the opportunity to imagine how amiga emulation scene could suck if we didn't have winuae. There I said it.
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Thanks for WinFellow guys and here's to the future of its development.
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Pxscroll - you suck

hehe, theres not been much activity recently for winfellow- it seems the coders are pretty busy at the moment... Even though I know its prolly not too easy- I just want an amiga emu on my GBA :-D Long live Winfellow!
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No I'm honest.
you lick.
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Retarded and dribbling
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I`m with pxscroll on this,WIN UAE rules.
why the animated avatar? I didn`t think they were allowed on this forum
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I thought Winfellow must have been updated when I read this post, but sadly not.

I still prefer Winfellow to WinUAE. It just feels so much more graceful and snappy. When I'm emulating a lean, mean, no-nonsense system like the Amiga 500/600 I don't want to see a million different options, even if I leave them set to the defaults. It's difficult to explain - somehow the excessive GUI seems to tarnish the experience for me.

They're both great emulators, though using Winfellow conjures up a more authentic trip down memory lane for me.

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In fact I'm positive about winfellow AS LONG AS THERE IS ANY SIGN THAT IT LIVES (ie: new versions). I'm against praising a dead project.
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Originally Posted by pxscroll
In fact I'm positive about winfellow AS LONG AS THERE IS ANY SIGN THAT IT LIVES (ie: new versions). I'm against praising a dead project.
What are you talking about

The last version is from THIS MONTH -> http://fellow.sourceforge.net/new_version/index.php

Maybe you should get up to date
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Old 03 July 2005, 01:51   #11
Workbitch 1.3

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The conversion to C could bring on some nice ports to consoles and PDAs. long live this project.
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Old 03 July 2005, 02:33   #12
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Originally Posted by RetroMan
What are you talking about

The last version is from THIS MONTH -> http://fellow.sourceforge.net/new_version/index.php

Maybe you should get up to date
Yes I missed it sorry. Too bad my point is still valid since the change is just:

The (only) improvement in regard to WinFellow alpha v0.4.4 build 1:
1. Exact vertical pixel doubling
I call this dead. In 2050 winfellow might have aga.

Oh and the date is 06-05-2005
Old 03 July 2005, 12:55   #13
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I don't think that AGA is such a big issue. If you actually see, the biggest progress is the conversion to C. This is not always an easy task considering the heavy use of macros.

In any case, the guys clearly state:

2. Conversion of assembly code to C code

The emulation core of Fellow was mainly written in assembly code. This made it hard to fix bugs and hard to add features. It also makes WinFellow dependent on x86 compatible CPU's. We started conversion of all assembly code. Already more then 45% of this code has been converted to C code. Almost all chipset related assembly has been converted and mainly the 68k (cpu) emulation needs to be done. If correctly done, the end user should not see any difference, it is a future investement into Fellow (the emulation core of WinFellow). It will make Fellow portable to other platforms (PowerPC G5 (Apple), Samsung ARM Processor (HP iPAQ) and the Intel PXA270 processor (PalmOne Zire 72)) and make it easier to add features and fix bugs.
This is a hell of a progress considering that this is an open source project. Personally, I use winFellow to play games on my PC. The reason is that my TFT monitor doesn't support 50Hz. As a result, in winUAE I have to deactivate Vsync and put the FPS to 52-53 for full speed. As a result, sound plays faster. WinFellow works like a dream. I can finally play Kick Off 2 on my TFT !

Thanks to the project team and keep up the good work.
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Old 24 December 2005, 02:02   #14
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thread revival..

Last edited by breech; 24 December 2005 at 02:11.
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oldpx:fellow has a different purpose to uae. your opinions wreak of an emu-kiddie. your as much of a tool as gifgit.

go & play uae with your pirated ADFs & incrorrect aprect ratios while we use fellow for a realistic experience to match our amiga hardware.
Old 24 December 2005, 02:42   #16
Tik Gora :D

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troll ?

robot ?

wtf ?
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While I certainly appreciate the aims of winfellow users being different than those of some WinUae users the fact PXscroll AKA oldPX is no longer on the board means at least the first part of your post is almost as redundant as his old comments

Keeping this board informed of NEW changes in Winfellows development is more important than negative historical comment BUT heck breech its GOOD to see you back and full of Amiga inspired spirit
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