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Question WinFellow game config problems

When using WinFellow Dungeon Master is near perfect! But I can't get it to stop echoing the sound effects. Once I run into a wall the 'ugh' sound of the travelers keeps repeating forever.
Hopefully someone else out there has found the settings fix for this problem.
WinFellow is my choice for best emulator. It's easy to use and never crashes your system. I can't wait for their next release!
Can anyone fix Dungeon Master for me?:smileek

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Truth seeker...
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Big grin

Here's a simple fix for you. USE WINUAE COS IT'S BETTER!! :laugh Trust me!
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Truth seeker...
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Thumbs up

Dungeon Master works 100% perfectly in WinUAE. Nuff said methinks.
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Got the fever back
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winuae vs winfellow

Actually, I've never had Winuae Crash. Ever. What it comes down to is. If you know what settings to change to suit winuae on YOUR machine then you can get winuae working BETTER than winfellow. Downloading someone else's config just wont cut it. Winuae is for people who want to click and play. Which I can understand. But winfellow has crashed on me and I find it not as powerful as winuae.
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I have on serious problem with WinFellow and that is jerky frame rates.

Surely an 1800+ Athlon XP is fast enough to run it smoothly This is the reason why I always use WinUAE, the extra compatability is a nice bonus

And before you ask, I have 512mb DDR ram, a GeForce 2 64mb GFX and a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum sound card.

If it doesn't run smooth on my system good help those with lesser system's.
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Old 24 January 2002, 23:02   #6
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I think I won't have good sound with WinUAE even if I get one of those 2.2 p4 cpus and overclock it to 3.22Ghz (some guy did it)
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Hey guys I didn't mean to start another WinFellow vs WinUAE debate here. That's why I came over to the WinFellow exclusive section.
Some of us have slower computers and just want to click in a game once in a while. WinFellow is more amiable.

I hope to get a few WinFellow users here to exchange some settings problems for the small handfull of games that are still glitchy, like Dungeon Master, and maybe I can solve someone else's problem from my findings and so forth.

I don't want to debate emulators. That's been done enough. I just want to see how far WinFellow (current version) will go for the slower computers when the right settings are found for specific games...

Back to the Roots has the configs for WinUAE and Fellow. I have not found configs for WinFellow games. Maybe we can formulate a few of them here...
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Let me start with these problem children. They are hit titles that deserve attention and I've banged my head on the keyboard trying to get them to work with WinFellow:

- Another World (animation flashes and flickers)
- Aunt Arctic Adventure (game goes into slo-mo at start)
- Dark Castle (won't load)
- Defender of the Crown (missing sprites)
- Dungeon Master (echoing sound effects)
- FA-18 Interceptor (won't load after workbench screen)
- Hostages (team member gets shot immediately)
- Menace (no collision with enemy)
- Obliterator (starting animation flicker)
- Return to Atlantis (no load after dive)
- Shadowgate -Got it Running!

These are the games that I'm most concerned about right now. I'm sure that future releases of WinFellow will clear them up, but maybe there are settings available that are finite and elusive to most of us.

If you voice your problem children here (using WinFellow) maybe I can clear up some of your needed settings. It's a great feeling to find the right combo and then you can save the configuration. My goal is to reach for one emulator when I want to play an Amiga game instead of having to decide on which emu to fire up.

Teamwork can cut down on this frustration...

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Happy Shadowgate works!

OK! Maybe this isn't news, but I knocked off one of the list I posted of problem child games.
If anyone is interested I got Shadowgate to work in WinFellow just like new.
One of my adf's was bad. The one that works took the following settings:

- Kick 1.2
- CPU 68000
- 3.5 Mhz
- Agnus Blitter ECS

Now I'm gonna go play it. If anyone wants my adf copy let me know here and I'll upload it to the zone.

On to the next title...
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I'm glad you brought that up...what's up with that 3.5MHz? I saw that when dabbling with the controls, but I was never possessed to try it out. Obviously no Amiga ran at that CPU speed, so how do we know when to try it. And why would we, since that's not really (proper) emulation?
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Old 26 January 2002, 12:49   #11
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In my short time here I've learned that the earliest Amiga programs were aimed at users with basic machines, which I'm sure you already know, for maximum appeal.

To that end, I start at rock bottom. 256k at 3.5 Mhz. Then one setting at a time I move up. It's tedious but obviously it produces results.

I suppose that the WinFellow team stuck the slow speeds in to mimick some operation, but I'm not up enough on Amiga's workings to explain why.

This option, though, has worked with many other games that I haven't listed here.

The 3.5 Mhz setting has even made sprites visible that weren't there before in some games.

Maybe it's time to start a WinFellow config list...

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