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yeah, good news i'll look forward
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I have now checked on a different player, and the same disc works fine on a Pioneer DV360. So I think disk is ok but may not play on old players...
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unfortunately I'm not sure how to get around that.. I'm assuming these discs work on your player and it is a problem with the demodvd and not the discs...

If you want I could re-author the dvd with just the videos and you can press next chapter to skip to the next demo etc..

Let me know mate
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Old 20 May 2006, 01:52   #24
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Really a great work, i love this DVD! The option to play all demos in a row is just genial!
Also the selection of demos you included is very well chosen! And the cover, yeah!

Something i suggest to fix on a new release:
1. If you select a single demo: The blue color to choose between "Watch demo" / "Main Menu" makes it hard to read because of the blue background.
2. Your Spaceballs - 9 Finger demo is broken, it has gfx fuckups at the beginning (after the first screen). I have a 100% version if you want it.

Anyway, thanks bippym for this masterpiece!
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Cheers adderly.. the next DVD has a completely different menu structure (Check out some of the threads in this sub-section) ;D
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Old 04 June 2006, 18:34   #26

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I see the DVD for the first time yesterday, it's very well done !
Video quality is excellent, and I didn't have any problem with my Kiss player.

Now some remarks about Flashback - Demos Vol 1 v0.1
  • Welcome screen1:
  • Welcome screen2:
    After "------", there is a sentence I can no read because it's cutted.
  • Demo presentation screen:The blue highlight color is not good, user don't know if "Watch demo" or "Main menu" is selected. I suggest to choose grey for normal button color (instead of white) and something brighter like yellow or white for selected button.
  • Once one Demo is finished, go back to main menu instead of demo presentation screen.
  • On page 1, when we go back from any demo to main menu screen, the selection if always on "De Ja Vu" instead of top left button: it makes user look where is the current selection.
  • On page 2, "Human Target" font is not the same than other Demo button.
  • The revision number and date of the DVD (0.1 on the ISO name) should be written somewhere is the main menu of DVD for easier identification in futur.
That's all !
Once again, I think this work is excellent, continue like this guys
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Old 19 July 2006, 05:27   #27
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It was nice to see another Amiga demos compilation finished before mine ;-) Overall, the Psygnosis-style logo was great, and you had a good choice of demos.

Unfortunately, the video quality left a lot to be desired -- all productions were 25fps which means half the motion was lost. Also, nothing was hires. So for the next production, if you're limited to emulators, I'd suggest capturing 50fps 720x288 and interleaving that into interlaced PAL. That way you'll get full resolution and motion. I also noticed the video was run through some sort of sharpening filter, which produced ringing. Not sure if your encoder did that, or if you did it on purpose, but emulated video doesn't need to be sharpened :-)

Keep up the good work!

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The video was 25fps due to DVD not being able to play at 50fps!!

FInd me a DVD film that plays at 50fps (NTSC is 29.97)
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Old 19 July 2006, 10:36   #29
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I downloaded your DVD Bippym finally and burned to DVD. You have done an excellent job compiling this DVD, it was worth the download.

Not a good idea to try to watch them all in one go...I gave up after an hour of viewing as I ended up with a bad head ache
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Old 19 July 2006, 16:56   #30
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Old 23 July 2006, 00:38   #31
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Originally Posted by bippym
The video was 25fps due to DVD not being able to play at 50fps!!

FInd me a DVD film that plays at 50fps (NTSC is 29.97)
It's called "interlacing". :-) PAL DVD video is 720x576 25i, where the "i" stands for interlaced. The even lines in the frame are the first image, and the odd lines in the frame are the second image. You have to take your 50fps file and interlace it into a 25fps file.

If you ever decide to do a second volume, or a similar project, let me know and I'd be happy to help you out with the interlacing part and video processing. avisynth (www.avisynth.org) is a excellent free tool for doing this, for example.
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Yeah, I noted that to bippy a while back. I'm also wondering how well software motion-compensation would work for a 50i->60i conversion. I got excellent results using real video, but as we know, computer-generated graphics behave completely different from real video.
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