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Can i set F12+Q to a button of the gamepad?

Hi. Amazing emulator Fs-uae, congratulations !
I try to use it in attract mode. It is working fantastic but i have some small problems:

I need to set a button in my gamepad to exit from fs-uae.
The compination in keyboard F12+q does it, but i need to do it from gamepad.
Is this possible?
This is my gamepad:

include = universal_gamepad
axis_0_neg = dpad_left
axis_0_pos = dpad_right
axis_4_neg = dpad_up
axis_4_pos = dpad_down
button_0 = south_button
button_2 = east_button
button_3 = west_button
button_8 = select_button
button_9 = menu_button

I try to charge button_8
I set button_8 = action_key_f10
to test if it will send f10 key as , but doesn't work.
Also i tried
button_8 = action_quit
also doesn't work..

Is there any way to do it?

Is there any way through command line to run a game by auto loading the save state?
(I can press f12 and select to load save state, i just want to automate this to always load the 1st save state).
I read here https://fs-uae.net/command-line

"You can use --load_state=1 to load load the first state slot on startup."
How to do this? I added c:/..../launcher.exe --load_state=1
and many others but didnt succeeded .

This is my emulator configuration in my attract mode if it helps .

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.5.1
executable D:\sosimple\Portaible\MAME\Amiga\FS-UAE\Launcher.exe
args "D:\sosimple\Portaible\MAME\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\[name].fs-uae"
workdir D:\sosimple\Portaible\MAME\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\
rompath D:\sosimple\Portaible\MAME\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\
romext .lha;.adf.zip.fs-uae;<DIR>
system Amiga

***edit.. Ok i found the 2nd i was asking. I just need to add
load_state = 1 to every configuration file.

I still searching how to set to a button of my gamepad to exit fs-uae . (If the button sends F12+Q, or Alt+Q it will work, but can i do this or do o i search for something can't be done?)
I dont always have keyboard connected when i play (I use a tablet), so it is important for me to go back in attractmode without keyboard...

***edit2 Ok I found the 1nd i was asking after searching hours actually.. In the above configuration i have , I add to every configuration file:
joystick_0_button_8 = action_quit

and emulator fs-uae exit and go back to attractmode list.

Case closed. I hope it is usefull o somebody.

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