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You probably have to call IconControlA() with ICONCTRLA_GetImage2 just to generate the delayed image2 and the mask2, except for WB 3.0/3.1 where Blt(Mask)BitMapRastPort() is patched by icon.library to generate the true image just in time.

(On WB 3.5+ this is done automatically by a call to DrawIconState(). Or you could use my command NoDelayedImage2, but that would be a decision of the user, I think.)

All clear signal:
Don't worry about the delayed image2 or mask2. The delay is only activated for the Workbench task, not for other programs.

My assembler code for converting an image structure in A0 into a 40 byte bitmap in A1, but this code may only work for color icons, because they always use real planes. For old-style images you also have to take PlanePick and PlaneOnOff into acount.
preparebitmap       ADDQ.W         #4,A0                    ; image width etc
                    MOVEM.W        (A0)+,D0-D1              ; width, height
                    ADDQ.L         #8,D0
                    ADDQ.L         #7,D0
                    LSR.L          #4,D0
                    ADD.L          D0,D0                    ; plane bytes/row
                    MOVE.W         D0,(A1)+                 ; bytes/row
                    MOVE.W         D1,(A1)+                 ; row count
                    MULU.W         D0,D1                    ; total plane size
                    MOVE.W         (A0)+,D0                 ; depth
                    MOVEA.L        (A0),A0                  ; planar image data
                    CMPI.W         #8,D0
                    BLS.S          .depthok
                    MOVEQ          #8,D0                    ; limit to 8 planes
.depthok            MOVE.W         D0,(A1)+                 ; flags, depth
                    CLR.W          (A1)                     ; clear pad word !!
                    ADDA.W         #30,A1
                    CLR.L          (A1)                     ; plane 7
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 6
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 5
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 4
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 3
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 2
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 1
                    CLR.L          -(A1)                    ; plane 0
                    BRA.S          .countdowndepth

.nextpointer        MOVE.L         A0,(A1)+                 ; image data offsets
                    ADDA.L         D1,A0                    ; add planesize
.countdowndepth     DBRA           D0,.nextpointer

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