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Blitting part of a shape?

Basically - I have a health bar of sorts, which has a circular shape so I can't really use the scroll/blockscroll functions (eg I need to mask it)

So what I'd like to be able to is blit part of the health bar (varying the height).

Easiest way I can think of is to create 48 copies of the shape at different heights (as it's 48 pixels tall), but that sounds like an absurd waste of memory!

(Though I don't think my memory usage is high right now, so maybe I could get away with it)
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Try manipulating the shape structure by setting the pixheight property. This might have side-effects.
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I take it the health bar graphics can't be generated on the fly (plot/line/boxf etc.)? Possibly overkill, but you could use the stencil blitting commands, drawing on the stencil bitmap to "erase" parts of the blitted energy bar. That might be more suited to an energy bar on a separate display segment, as the stencil is applied to the whole display so it could be quite inefficient - it's not something I've tried.

Alternatively, have the full energy bar on one bitmap and grab a new shape with GetaShape of the relevant height each time you need to redraw it. You can use an independent buffer and BBlits to draw it so you can erase the previous bar before blitting the new one.
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I've done it the inefficient way for now (taking a shape of every possible height).. memory wise it wasn't as hungry as I initially thought, I'll come back to this ^ if I end up needing to find more memory later.

Thanks for your input guys always appreciated
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