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How do I load a 'lha' folder into an Amiga emulator (E-UAE)

I need help. I'm using E-UAE with Hi-Toro (v 0.5.2) for Mac. I know how to load .adf files into the emulator, but I've downloaded a disk in .lha format and when I expand it results in a folder containing various document files, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to load or run this folder as E-UAE expects .adf files!

The file I've downloaded is one of the Fred Fish disks - no. ff017.lha. which is a demo of Digi-View HAM pictures, but like I said the downloaded file isn't a nice .adf file I can just load into the emulator, but a folder of files called 'ff017.lha folder', which I assume is the contents of the disk in a folder format. Am I supposed to convert this folder to a .adf file and if so how do I do that?
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Not used e-uae at all so I'm not sure what it's capable of.
Basically you can create a blank .adf and extract the contents onto the blank .adf. Alternately, if you can boot from a HDF file (Hard Drive Image file) then you can install lha to that drive and extract the files to the HDF.

If you're struggling then I can make an adf of the fish disk for you.

EDIT: You can download the disks in .dms format here

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You can install lha installer search the web
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Please make an .adf of this file as I'm none the wiser with your instructions and your link to the .dms files leads to empty contents (maybe they've since been removed?) I assume you can easily find the file I want converted. Its called 'ff017.1ha'. I downloaded it from: http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/amiga/fish/001-100/ff017/

Once you've converted it let me know and post a download link. Thanks.
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you can find the Fred Fish adf disks on the ftp.
folder: /Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC [2016-01-03]/Commodore Amiga - Collections - Fred Fish (TOSEC-v2014-10-07_CM)/
filename: Amiga Library Disk #0017 (1986)(Fred Fish)(PD)[WB].zip

you have to connect with a ftp client (eg.filezilla) and navigate to the folder.
most the time the webdownload works, but not in this case.

once you got that adf, you must start with a workbench disk in df0: and insert FredFish17 adf in second floppy drive.
on workbench start a shell/cli, type in:
cd df1:

and the slideshow will begin

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emufan - I've followed your instructions and connected to the FTP. I then navigated to the Commodore_Amiga folder, but it's empty! It's not a connection problem either because all the other folders (except Commodore_64 - which too is empty) all contain all their levels of folders and files. So what now?
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