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Bug in expamemz3_map() with cd_SlotAddr

Hi, I suspect a bug in WinUAE's expamemz3_map() function.

The goal of that function is to patch the ConfigDev structure (referenced by A3 register) when the option below is selected in WinUAE settings:
Hardware > RAM > Z3 mapping mode > UAE (0x10000000)

Current code is like this:
put_word (regs.regs[11] + 0x20, expamem_board_pointer >> 16);
put_word (regs.regs[11] + 0x28, expamem_board_pointer >> 16);
Purpose of first line is to patch the high word of cd_BoardAddr. That's fine.

Purpose of second line is to patch cd_SlotAddr. And we can see that WinUAE puts the same value there.
As far as I understand, in case of Zorro III board cd_SlotAddr is supposed to be equal to the high byte of the board address. If this is correct, then the second line should be changed to "... 0x28, expamem_board_pointer >> 24".

This could easily be checked with an AmigaOS program which dumps the ConfigDev list from expansion library. I don't know such program.
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Toni Wilen
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Both addresses originally contain 0x4000 before being modified. I can't see anything wrong. (Except that it is horrible hack but there is no other way..)
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Old 17 May 2019, 16:24   #3
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Ah, in that case there may be a bug in the AROS AUTOCONFIG routines I borrowed for EmuTOS. I added some traces before and after WriteExpansionWord(). cd_SlotAddr was 0x0040 before WinUAE patching, then 0x1000 after patching. Maybe AROS is wrong when computing the value of cd_SlotAddr. Unfortunately I can't find any documentation about its value.
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I found a sample program which dumps all the ConfigDev from expansion.library:

I added a dump for the cd_SlotAddr field, and I cross-compiled the program with vbcc. It works like a charm.

I ran it with WinUAE and Kickstart 3.1. In any configuration, it shows that cd_SlotAddr is always equal to the high word of cd_BoardAddr.
So the issue discussed here actually comes from a bug in AROS Zorro III routine, which wrongly initializes the cd_SlotAddr field.
WinUAE is correct. Sorry for the noise.
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