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Old 01 March 2005, 17:06   #41
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So... about these sprites then...

I think a seperate sheet is needed.
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It seems you have friends in high places ParrallaxScroll, that puts me at a disadvantage. Nevertheless an insult was returned to me in the same form but I am unable to accertain it’s origin. As for the attack in this thread that originated from mr_0rga5m. So you best take it up with him.
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Any mod will clarify an anonymous insult that comes with a reputation comment. This isn't about friendship at all. You would be at a disadvantage if I had intention to play this the same way as you but I'm not keeping anything permanently. I obviously answered your first insult to remind you that you couldn't remain anonymous after doing something like that and had hoped you stop it. I don't know with what words but I don't think I was harsh.
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Ey you two. Just call it quits.

As I see it, THB has not insulted you at all in this thread, px. So if you two have some sort of issue please take it to PMs.

Let's continue with discusion about the shit sprites feature :P
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Old 01 March 2005, 17:24   #45
Tik Gora :D

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Chaps .. I'm sorry i started this .. Twas only a little good humoured ribbing .. Please stop the banter and lets get this thread back on track eh.

lol @ 'shit sprite feature' ..
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Old 01 March 2005, 20:35   #46

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Yop, I have added one option to let you remove the sprite feature
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Old 01 March 2005, 20:56   #47
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nice for all
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Cool stuff. Now my HOL is text only, even faster!
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Old 08 July 2005, 21:41   #49
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Look what I did with some characters from Exile with this tool:

It would be interesting to see more animations taken from Amiga games.
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