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nice, i love the everdrives and the c64 in a cartridge. I need a pinball machine and i am all set for my room... once i get permission from the missus
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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
nice, i love the everdrives and the c64 in a cartridge. I need a pinball machine and i am all set for my room... once i get permission from the missus
I "lol"ed

( ohh, and that´s a N64 ... not a C64 ... but i think you meant N64 i use my XBOX for C64 Emu.....
( i know i know, BUT its a question of Space and so .....

Oh... and there is a Keyboard and mouse under the SNES/PS1 ... for my lovley AMIGA )

and like i said, you´re the MAN Kipper!! ( you´re Missus should know )

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I've just seen this, not mine:

[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by Nibbler View Post
Here is my gaming room

Hope you like it.
(all is ready to play. just pick a controller (on the Dreamcast/ps3 box)
and turn on the console of choice,... BAM, you are ready to play

Ohh, and on the cardridge consoles,
no need to change the cardridge, the have all games on 1 cardridge ( everdrives )
thats how i like it

The LCD is in the same room , for my Ps3-PC and old XBOX
( that i saved from trash .. now its a great Media and Arcade-Emu Box

And to "round" things up, i have also a pinball machine ( was local )
Blimey! That's some serious kit! I wanted to get a MAME cabinet except transportation and space are the issues faced. Considering you have an original xbox, the collection could be reduced to the one console with emulators lol... not the same but hey, you did it with C64
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My Amiga retro room

This is what happened a few months ago. I was turning 38 and suddenly found my old Amigas in the basement and then just started to upgrade them, ordering all kinds of stuff and more Amigas. I even got a CDTV for free from someone I know. Also, is an old CRT monitor like this, when connected to the Indivison ECS Scandoubler worthy of comparison to an original Commodore 1084S with regards to picture quality?

Amiga 500 with Gotek Floppy Emulator, ECS Scandoubler and ACA 500 + ACA 1233

This TV is connected via RGB scart cable and has very sharp and vivid colors. Amiga 600 + ACA 620 ver.2 (Oh, and there is another Amiga 600 down there below the TV

2 Amiga 500s and one complete CDTV in wardrobe pluss alot of other Amiga stuff

I know, bad picture quality taken with my old fashion phone. I hate touch phones and have no interest of them
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Old 04 April 2015, 20:58   #1026
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Its looking a bit tidy for an Amiga room, give it another 6 months you'll be climbing over everything
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Old 12 November 2015, 18:09   #1027
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Well I moved like three times already since the last time I posted, so here's my work in progress arrangement in my new home.

First the game consoles, they are all in my living room:

Starting from the top-left corner:
- Amstrad GX4000 with C4CPC flash cartridge
- Nintendo Wii, custom firmware and with a hard drive full of stuff
- Xbox 360
- My Sony amplifier
- Sega Megadrive, japanese early model, with european Mega-CD model 1 and a Mega Everdrive cartridge.
- Sega Dreamcast
- Amiga CD32

Plenty of room for new things, I really want to get a SNES, never had one!
I expanded the Ikea table to an extra module, I used to have just the 2 module setup in my previous home. Handy little thing.

Now we wander into the cave, which is very work in progress right now:

Really happy about the dual 1084S-D setup, I got the second one yesterday! It's the one on the left.
- A600 with ACA620, 1B CF HD and 2GB on PCMCIA SD card. The thing on top is a Pyramid MIDI interface. Slik Stik joystick.
- A1200 with MX1230 030@50Mhz w/50Mhz 68881, 64MB Fast RAM, 1GB CF HD and 1GB on PCMCIA SD card. AMAS2 sampler/MIDI interface conencted to it.
- C64C with 1541 Ultimate II interface, and a Kerberos MIDI interface sometimes. Slik Stik joystick.

I gotta bring my 1571 disk drive in, and also try to get again an external Amiga floppy of some kinda, really want an A1011.

Not shown, on the left of this photo: all my music setup.

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my girlfriend made all of this for me, also the framed painting with outrun and other favorite games of me done on them (strijkkraaltjes, don't know english word ). she's very handy. all systems you see are hooked up at once and can be played at any time. my ps4 and other ps3 are in living room downstairs.

the painting of ico was made by my dad several years ago.

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Originally Posted by SkulleateR View Post
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Mines a damn mess at the moment but under all the junk is a PlayStation 1 a ZX speccy 48K+ a BBC micro model B and a 64C plus A600 now
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Old 11 January 2018, 04:39   #1032
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@gjb1985 (best year ever ): I think that you don't have a man's cave but a museum; marvellous in any case.

Well... You somehow "closed" this thread in 2016 with such an amazing setup, but you know that we all like to see whatever kind of man's cave starting from the must humble we can think of.

I just want to bump this thread as I want to see more posts

Thinking now, a video would be much better than some photos at least with such kind of showrooms like yours

Edit: I'm actually improving my man's cave setup after watching a couple of videos from a female Amiga enthusiast here:

[ Show youtube player ]

I've actually changed and get rid of a lot of cables and so, improved the quality of them/some are shorter now, and it's all also much tidier now

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This is a part of my Bedroom , hehe ( My Gaming Room is on Page 51 of this Thread )
The A600 was brand new ( got really lucky there. A Furia V2 and a CF-Card is inside )
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Bedroom.jpg
Views:	129
Size:	163.7 KB
ID:	56170   Click image for larger version

Name:	Bedroom2.jpg
Views:	132
Size:	184.1 KB
ID:	56171  

Last edited by Nibbler; 12 January 2018 at 13:25. Reason: PS:I have of course a very nice dust cover for my A600 ;)
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Old 20 October 2018, 14:25   #1034
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My Commodore Mancave 2018!
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6912.aJPG.JPG
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Size:	233.2 KB
ID:	60353  
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One is the man cave in the summer house, and one is the small room in the loft - I refused to put my pride and joy a1200 in the summer house.

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