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Ex nihilo nihil

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Strange keyboard issue

While playing Worthy, I am facing a really strange issue under WinUAE with the other computer I wanted to use to record my progression (not the Netbook that is unable to launch OBS).

With the Netbook, I can play Worthy for hours without any keyboard issue (integrated keyboard). Arrows keys react well and all lives lost are due to my mistakes

With the other computer (desktop), really often, the game seems to suffer from an arrow key "stuck". Meaning that the character will alone goes up or down, or right or left as soon as I release the keys (to stop the character). It can happen on the 1st level, on the 11th, on the 25th. No defined level. But 99% of the time it happens.
I have to say that if I "ALT-TAB" and open another program in Windows, let's say Notepad, type garbage text on several lines, the cursor is not moving alone. But if I return to the game within WinUAE, the character will continue to move without the need of pressing any key ?...
This other computer is using a Wireless keyboard. I even have bought an USB extension cable in order to put the USB receiver close to the keyboard and the mouse. It didn't change anything.
It also happens that keypress doesn't work (rapid keypress as needed to play worthy - usual keypress (slow) works).

If I quit WinUAE, and reload it everything works fine but the issue will reappears while playing.

Never had this issue while playing other games (Shadow of the Beast, Jim Power, Pro Tennis Tour 2, etc.) or maybe it happened but I never noticed it

I know there is not enough information for Toni to investigate, but do someone already had such issue (not necessarily with Worthy) ?
If yes, how did you manage to solve it ?
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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What kind of Amiga config? Does same happen if you use "slow" config?

Lost key presses/releases can happen if program has very bad custom keyboard read routine and CPU is too fast.
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Ex nihilo nihil

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Thanks Toni.

I use my usual WB 1.3 config (mimicking my beloved pumped up A2000 from Back in the Day) copied from the Netbook to the Desktop computer.

Given what you said, on the desktop computer, I have recreated the config with the Quickstart section by selecting a bare A500.

A quick go (12 levels) with Worthy seemed OK (already a positive feeling about key-reaction).

I then have compared the config files with a file compare utility and noticed about 20 differences. Most regarding my 'Fighting stick mini 4' joystick as well as :
- win32.middle_mouse=false (is set to 'true' on A500 Quickstart)
- win32.active_priority=1 (not set on A500 Quickstart)
- win32.inactive_priority=0 (not set on A500 Quickstart)
- win32.ctrl_f11_is_quit=true (not set on A500 Quickstart)
- win32.expansion_gui_page=ide_mb (set on A500 Quickstart - I don't have this one)
- sound_interpol=none (set to 'anti' on A500 Quickstart)
- comp_trustbyte=indirect (set to 'direct' on A500 Quickstart)
- comp_trustword=indirect (set to 'direct' on A500 Quickstart)
- comp_trustlong=indirect (set to 'direct' on A500 Quickstart)
- comp_trustnaddr=indirect (set to 'direct' on A500 Quickstart)
- joyport1=joy0 (set to 'kbd1' on A500 Quickstart)
- gfx_linemode=double (set to 'double2' on A500 Quickstart)
- gfx_api=directdraw (set to 'directd311' on A500 Quickstart)
- chipset=ecs (set to 'ocs' on A500 Quickstart)
- input.joymouse_speed_analog=20 (set to '100' on A500 Quickstart)
Then I have modified the config to mimic my old A2000.

So far, so good, but will let you know if the key "stuck" issue reappears while playing .
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Ex nihilo nihil

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I have played again Worthy from level 1 up to level 35-36 (my maximum) 5 times now since I have recreated the configuration file.

I haven't seen any keyboard "stuck" issue, nor delay after a press.
Character is responding as expected even with really fast keypress in a row.

So there was something with the configuration file.

Thanks Toni for your post that made me recreate the config (otherwise I wouldn't have the idea of doing so at first glance)
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