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Amiga 500 plus floppy drive fail.

I will add there is no sound of clicking from the floppy drive.

I have recently purchased an Amiga 500 plus - which was sold with a 'broken' floppy drive. When I first opened (took apart) the Amiga I noticed the floppy power cable was not installed properly, so I brought a new one and installed it. But the Amiga floppy disks continued not to function properly, moreover, I added a fully working floppy drive, but again the floppy disks don't do anything?

More Info:
When I install all the floppy cables - power cable and floppy cable into the motherboard no floppy drive light shows on the keyboard. But when I uninstall the floppy power cable and restart the Amiga - the floppy drive light shows on the keyboard?
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Maybe one CIA chip is broken ... Change the CIA A ans CIA B on the board and see if floppy works again
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Sounds like some kind of short. Maybe that's why the power cable was disconnected.

Failing that it might be one of the CIA's.

Other than those two, I can't say.
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Originally Posted by jacob1990 View Post
(...) But when I uninstall the floppy power cable and restart the Amiga - the floppy drive light shows on the keyboard?
This is normal, no light if the floppy drive is connected properly.
You should hear a tic from it and it should start working when you insert a floppy disk (and when reading the light should turn on) while, if the floppy drive is missing or badly connected, the light initially turns on and then turns off.
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I have changed both the CIA A and CIA B chips on the motherboard - I swapped the chips from my working 500 with the chips from the 500 plus. The chips I thought were damaged are fully working. But the disk drive is still not functioning properly (I can hear the sound of the drive motor).

I have noticed the battery has leaked (pic1), the gary socket has been affected (pic2), as you can see there is green residue in the socket when I lift the chip out. Any ideas on how to fix this or should I look for another motherboard?



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My main concern would not be only the Gary's socket, but more the traces below it ?
Some of these seem to have been dissolved by the acid of the leaked battery.
I would check them with an ohm-meter, if they are still ok or not ? If they are broken, you would need to replace them with some small wires on the underside of the board. (it is best to take a look at the schematics to see where the lines start and where they end)
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I'm actually going to give up on this one...

May I ask - how much do you think I would get for this Amiga (plus working psu and modulator)?
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£15? Not much.
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