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Question Saving an ICD AdIDE. Expert help required.

As reported in another thread, now unfortunately I own an ICD AdIDE board (internal IDE controller for A500) damaged by a short circuit but, I believe, partially working.

The AdIDE controller (no instructions available) has 2 jumpers and I have performed following tests with real hard drive OR with compact flash in a new CF-IDE adapter (pre working config.):

1) with 1.3 AdIDE jumper set (allowing HDD autoboot with ROM 1.3 or higher installed) the A500 can't reach its classic A500 boot screen requiring disk and stops boot sequence to last bright white screen. This happens with ROM 1.3 or 2.04 installed. The left mouse key, to disable autoboot, works.
2) with 1.2 AdIDE jumper set (allowing HDD use without autoboot for ROM 1.2 user) the Amiga regularly boots, but ICD Prep HD software DOESN'T DETECT the hard drive. (tested with 1.3 or 2.04 ROM, I haven't an 1.2 ROM)
3) if I leave both jumpers opened Amiga boots regularly. However ICD Prep HD software doesn't detect any hard drive again.
4) with pin 1 inversion of IDE cable and 1.2 or 1.3 jumper set, the CF adapter LED switches ON but obviously doesn't boot. About this, I believe that something like hard drive is detected but not test passed.
5) previously, with jumper board set to 1.3 ROM (and ROM 2.04 installed), I was able to boot OS from a compact flash card prepared with ICD HD software. For what I know, 1.3 jumper allows to load icd.device from AdIDE ROM.
After the short circuit (power disconnection of CF-IDE adapter) my A500 failed to boot. I replaced the motherboard with an A500+ one. I realised that the old A500 motherboard needed only a 68000 CPU replacement to work again. However both motherboards have the same result above.

and FINALLY, my question for you:
- Is it possible, in your opinion, use the ICD controller again, WITH OR WITHOUT HDD AUTOBOOT, with its (icd.device) or other driver (standard SCSI.device?)
- Can a WB 1.3 disk be considered a boot disk?
- Could a 37.300 ROM or higher help?

Any help or idea to avoid to throw away this controller is much appreciated! Thanks.
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