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cool idea with the PC side pannel and spacing for cooling vents !

now just where have you been poking your fingers ?!.... never mind.... i dont need to know....

*Zetr0 backs away from the convo.
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Heat shield? Its an RF shield. As for getting cut fingers I'm sick of that too but its better than getting a shit reception on my TV Unshielded computers could possibly also interfere with my wireless network and mobile phone reception.
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Ok, should have said RF-shield.
I guess mileage with RF interference varies, wouldn't be included for no reason - having said that all but one of our computers (not inc laptops) + router + server(s) are crammed into not quite the smallest room - never had any issues.
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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Wouldn't it be better to use metal gauze?

like speaker gauze ?, you could simply cut a square / circle and then just mount the gauze on the inside for a neat very PRO finish with a bit of colour matched white spray paint!


if you wanted to really make it happen with an added wow factor, make a heat plate from the CPU use a 5v 60watt TEC (thermal electric conductor) to a fan/sink and then just allow the TEC to pump the heat away

for the heat sink + fan, you could easily mod a laptop cooler or low-profile graphics card cooler, getting it to stay together use some decent thermal adhesive pads from M3,

the whole lot should cost less than £15 including the TEC, TA Pads, Cooler and wiring and spray paint
TEC on amiga accelerators is a no go i used one on a Apollo 040 the problem is the space between the cpu and PCB is a excellent room for condensation. I did end up using silicone there but hurt the 040 in the end. Also a thermal electric conducter require far to many amps to push away heat and often needs a psu of its own. Its great fun though .
I made a few coca cola box freezers with a 20 sec timer had 2 240watt TECs (Peltier) on top one on bottom. If the can did not explode the soda was damn cold ,,, Everyone should play with tecs they are fun ....

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hey zet wheres my trapdoor?!?!?
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Old 27 March 2008, 13:22   #26
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sitting on my table.... modded....

i wondering if i should spray it.... you want it sprayed.... hey want me to post pics
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Old 27 March 2008, 13:40   #27
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i think some pics are in order..

I wanted to spray this white, to protect the metal, but i dont have anything other than primer at the moment.

Also my m8 yorkie brought over a damn Slim line 40mm fan, that would work in this mod..... sigh.... i supose next time..

I have to admit, this is the 1 flaw of the Blizzy Mk4... compare it to the Apollo Mk3 (although not as quick) atleast the cpu is up the right way!

anyway.... pics (see attached)

if you want i can pop it in the post this afternoon
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
The 1230 doesn't run very hot. I don't have any additional cooling on mine.
Yeah i have ran my Blizzard 030 card since 1996 through some of the hottest summer days here such as an outside temperature of 40 degrees Celcius and the 030 card just kept cruising along in style, and it had everyday use from 96 till 2001.

Although i will need to put a hole in the back of my A1200 to run one of the new type IDE cables through ( the tubed ones ) for my CD Drive. I might need your advice on that one guys...

I will post a pic of the cable i am talking about tomorrow.

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Have you considered an IDE to SATA converter ?

as far as the amiga is concerned it would only bee seen and used as an IDE device, hoever the SATA port itself is very small and easly manageable to put a port on the out side unobtrusively.

theres also plenty of external sata enclosures to choose from too.. including Optical drives

heres some ideas



it wouldnt take much to mod the end of this for a male connector


some sexy dongels


so this
combined with this

makes for a perfect little mod... should that it work of course. *it should* i seriously doubt any speed benefit from the sata however..

but with a 4x ide device you could have 2 external sata ports for say removable hdd and or optical drive

i found this... its an SFF optical dvdrw drive that is sata based

a bit pricey compared to its larger brothers but.... tasty in the right (modded) external case like

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/External-USB-S...QQcmdZViewItem (replace the cdrom with a dvdrom )

however for an easier mod here is a nice one of the 5.25 enclosure

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hmmm i wonder if you could go from Amiga IDE to SATA, and then from SATA back to IDE !? this would be cool
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