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Old 09 March 2007, 23:09   #61
Born again WinUAE user

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I am just totally shocked and numb. This is the very very last type of news I'd expect to hear. Such a young age too and contributed so much time and commitment to the Amiga community.

Paul, you will be sorely missed but never ever forgotten. Especially when a newbie asks "How do I access The Zone?!".

Deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the family.
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Old 09 March 2007, 23:19   #62
Junior Member
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RIP! Let the memory of him live forever!
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Old 09 March 2007, 23:22   #63
Amiga user & abuser

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Terrible news indeed..i tought at first it was some kind of dark joke...but..
Anyway.. Paul i never knew you "for real", but i always read your great contributions to the Amiga community

Be sure you will be rememberred for the times being...and may you rest in peace..

My deepest and sincere condolences to all his family & friends..

Very very sad day indeed....
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Old 09 March 2007, 23:26   #64
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thats sad
my condolences!
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Old 09 March 2007, 23:26   #65
commodore addicted
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My condolences!
R.I.P in heaven
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Old 09 March 2007, 23:51   #66

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Oh my god ! I can't belive that !
My condolences ...
@Paul: We all will meet again... Sometime... Somewhere...

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Old 09 March 2007, 23:53   #67
Into the Wonderful

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I am shocked to hear this news.

Paul was a really nice friendly guy on this forum and I always enjoyed seeing his unique avatars.

My condolences to all his family at this difficult time.

Rest in peace mate.
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Old 10 March 2007, 00:06   #68
Zone Friend
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I had no idea he was sick to begin with? I never really spoke with him that much but i would read his posts and always found the Green Alien thing a great and amusing addition to EAB.

I honestly find it hard to accept that this has happened, and i will miss you dearly Paul even though i never knew you. To be honest, im absolutely stunned myself. Again i had to do a double glance at the thread thinking it was maybe a sick joke after Richard Jospeph died, but no that wasnt the case.

To Pauls Mum: We all loved your son here on EAB, he was and still "is" just as important to us now even in passing. True community never dies, and with this being an Amiga community, we always stick by eachother just like Paul stuck by us all.

All our Love.

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Old 10 March 2007, 00:06   #69
Zone Friend
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This is sad. Truly tragic news. My thoughts goes to you and your family, Paul...
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Old 10 March 2007, 00:09   #70
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My deepest condolences
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Old 10 March 2007, 00:12   #71
Emulator Lord
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My sincerest condolences to his family. The Amiga community will never forget you, Paul.
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Old 10 March 2007, 00:44   #72
Maj. Voodoo

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This is really shocking news. So sad news.

Rest in peace Paul.

EAB and Amiga community will miss you!

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Old 10 March 2007, 00:59   #73
A1000 Addict
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Paul you're in a better place now my friend. RIP.
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Old 10 March 2007, 01:28   #74
Zone Friend
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My condolences to his friends and family...
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Old 10 March 2007, 01:29   #75
Zone Friend
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Rest in peace Paul,

My thoughts are with your family and friends.
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Old 10 March 2007, 01:46   #76
Senior Member
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All of us here will miss you pal, take it easy.
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Old 10 March 2007, 02:04   #77
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Oh no... (

Very sad

My condolences to family and friends..
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Old 10 March 2007, 02:30   #78
Junior Member

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Condolences to his family
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Old 10 March 2007, 02:32   #79
. . Mouse . .
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My heartfelt condolences on your tragic loss.
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Old 10 March 2007, 02:45   #80
Into the Wonderful
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I truly don't know what to say...what a great shock.

Paul was such a devout member of the EAB and Amiga community - he was ever friendly and ever helpful. It's so sad to hear of his passing.

Rest in Peace Paul - you were a great friend and a wonderful person. You will be missed.

And my condolences to your family. I'm sure the Green Amiga Alien is in a better place.
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