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How long do you leave your Amiga on?

Wasnt sure what section to put this in but anyway I want to know whats the longest time I can leave a standard amiga with hard drive on, without risking overheating?
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I used my Amiga 1200 for 8 years solid virtually EVERYDAY from 1992 till 2000 (still using it now but not as much as back then) and for about 4 years i ran it with a Seagate 40meg HD, and the for the other 4 years i ran it with a Quantum Daytona 500meg HD & a Blizzard 030@50 Accelerator board and during weekdays i would run it for about 3 hours a night and on weekends it would run for 10 hours on some days!!, and that is in even in the summer time with Australian temperatures!

Wouldn't stress about it, your Amiga should be fine if mine could survive all of that, especially with the Accelerator board adding a bit more heat
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As blade002 said.

You can check my post in another thread: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=490203&postcount=8
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I've left my A1200 with 800MB HD and Blizzard MkIV running for days and days (even weeks) before now. My hard drive powers down after about 45mins of no access, and everything is then completely silent - the only thing giving it away is the power LED. I just forget that it's on, and then turn it off a couple of days later when I notice. A full game of The Settlers can take several days too.
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When dumping Sherlock Holmes (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=27933) I left my CDTV and A600HD on 24/7 for weeks without any harm coming to them.
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Originally Posted by meega View Post
. A full game of The Settlers can take several days too.
You know there's a save function?

I usually leave my Amiga on for 2 weeks at a time, and then turn it off over night. I gather that one old electronics aren't wild about is being turned off and on - and with the Mediator and everything its less relaible at initially booting than it used to be.
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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
You know there's a save function?
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Short answer:
From the point at which I want to start using it until the point at which I am done using it

Point of interest...you say "standard Amiga with HDD"...what "standard" Amiga do you mean? Some are much better cooled than others. (Not being an asshole, it is a serious question)

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You have to remember that computers (especially hard drives) prefer to be left switched on for long periods rather than being switched on/off regularly.

The most likely time for electronics to break is at power on. Thus the more power-ons, the more likely it is that something will break (especially true for hard drives).

If you are worried about heat then remove your hard drive and replace with a cheap Ā£10 SSD (IDE->CF or IDE->SD).

If you have a hot accelerator, consider replacing the CPU with a newer cooler variant and improving airflow through your case by modification and adding (a large slow moving) fans.

Whilst heat can kill your Amiga, switching it on and off regularly is more likely to.

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I use it as much as i want, which is in excess of 4 hours, -except in summer-, when i have killed my a600 and its psu many times.
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I'll join the bunch of people that leave theirs on for days. Not so much anymore unfortunately but I would not anticipate problems leaving it on for as long as you like
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I leaved mine 1200 on for weeks. Mine A600 with a PCMCIA 4Mb card must be turned off after 7~8 hours, then boot again for more 7 hours of action.

I hope that with internal 4~8 RAM this issue don't happen any more.

The 500 & 2000 are rock solid even after a week turned on.
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