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Growing older with Computers/Consoles - What did you own?

This kind of thread may have been done before but I couldn't find it under search.

It occurred to me after seeing the age thread that many of us span the same generation, with a few peaking either side. More importantly, we were all there during the golden age of computer game innovation

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to see what machines you've owned over the years and at what age.

If you don't feel like doing this then share some experiences you remember form the Golden Age.

Here's my history:

Age 7:

Got my first computer - a legendary Vic-20 with Joystick, 4 game tape (hoppit, blitz, some piano thing, damn can't remember) and the cart Jelly Monsters.

That was it - I was hooked big time. Nagged parents for the carts Gorf, Omega Race and one or two tape games. My mum was awesome at Jelly Monsters (using the naff non-microswitched joystick) while my dad ruled at blitz (which required you to hit a space bar only! ). Only time my parents have ever taken an interest in computer games - guess they got too complicated later on I tell a lie actually - my mum loved Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands on the Amiga.

Age 9:

Moved on to a Spectrum 48K (non-rubber) which I quickly swapped for a 128K version. Bought loads of budget games and copied a few off friends. Great memories. Apart from getting the damn tapes loading.

Age 10:

Could be a year out here but it was round about now I got a Spectrum plus 2. Pointless really, but as a kid the built in tape deck looked sooo cool. Still had problems with the tape deck loading now and again.

Age 12

Best friends brother had an Atari ST (one with separate disk drive) and after seeing games such as Defender of the Crown I made it my one goal in life to get one. Wasn't easy, these things cost some serious cash back then and much nagging was needed before I finally got my hands on one at Christmas. The double sided drives had just come out for the ST at the time, but I stuck with the single sided drive because early releases of these newer drives were incompatible with certain games.

First Games - Copied versions of Super Sprint, Star Wars and Barbarian Palace (could only afford 3 blank disks!)

Age 14-15

Best friends brother went and got an Amiga and after seeing titles such as Blood Money and Beast it was time to jump on the nagging train again. The mission was difficult, but in the end a Batman Pack came my way!

Went on to upgrade the Amiga to an A500 Plus and finally an A1200HD as soon as these models were released.

During this time I also bought a MegaDrive, sold it and got a SNES, owned an Atari Lynx, in moment of madness snapped up a second hand Jaguar and finally jumped on the PS1 bandwagon.

And oh yeah, a PC.

Out of all this I currently still have an A1200HD, SNES, Jaguar, PS1 and PC.

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Re: Growing older with Computers/Consoles - What did you own?

Originally posted by Bloodwych
This kind of thread may have been done before but I couldn't find it under search.

This thread's pretty close
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aka breakpoint

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i can't really remember the ages i was when i got machines, but i currently have...

PC (of course)
Amiga 1200+dual ext. floppy drive
Commodore 64 (latest shape)
Spectrum 48k
Atari Jaguar
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance

i did have at one time...

Amiga 500
Amstrad CPC6128
Gameboy Pocket (silver)
Nintendo 64

i'm gonna a new PC soon, probably a P4 2.4 or Athlon XP2200, and i might get a PS2 when they drop to £129.99
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I grew up with Atari 2600 and an Amiga 500.

Then I got an A4000, and now finally I have:

2 pcs, (pIII 800 and p133)
cd32 + sx1
and some emulators
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I cannot make a timeline but I owned many different machines:

Atari 800: I can hardly remember the machine but I can recall the games

Atari 2600: Pitfall rules!

Sega Master System: The original one, not sms 2. My favourite console.

Sega Mega Drive: It was a strange one, there wasn't a sega logo on it and on the box, the name was written as "siga miga drive", it was probably not manufactured by Sega!

Nintendo Nes: Similar issues with SMD, it was probably not manufactured by nintendo as well.

Commodore 64: I got one after I had the sms, because of that I always knew it sucked and never liked it as a game machine but it was a real computer unlike the sms console so I'm glad I owned a C64.

Amiga 500+: Incompatible but 1mb chip was cool

Amiga 1200: Never had the chance to expand it, sold the way it was

Within a week I'll be a proud owner of 2xA1200s, 2xA500s 1xC64 and an 1xA600
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Into the Wonderful

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Ok the macjines I have owned....

Grandstand thingy Only had 2 games on this, but its probably the machine resposible for my addiction to this day.

Spectrum (the one with the tape player attached) only had it for a week so cant remember what it was called.

C64 One of my all time faves, a great machine that gave me years of fun.

Vic 20 Won in a raffle and never really used beacause it looked a bit poor compared to my POWERFUL C64 lol.

Amiga500 (Batman Pack) The best games machine Ive ever owned!! Had it from 1991 to this day.

Snes A great console with some classic titles, only had it for about a year.

PSOne Another great console with some classic titles.

PS2 My current 'next gen' games machine. So far so good.

I also (obviously) own a PC (P4 1.4 GHz) but dont use it for gaming as I think its awkward and un-user friendly.
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Right I have owned

Texas Instruments TI99/4A - This was the first and started it al off.

Atari 2600 - My dad swapped the TI fo this, centipede is greeeaat!

Acorn Electron - Again my dad swapped the 2600 for the Electron and about 50 games.. Repton did and still does rule.

Spectrum - Owned one briefly, games looked crap compared to the Electron.

C64 - Got one of these beasts in 1988 I think, loved it..

Amiga 500 - My girlfriends dad had one, so I had to get one, mucho nagging and grovelling and Santa got me one for christmas 1990, the Flight of Fantasy pack if I remeber correctly.

Amiga 1200 - The first I saw of this machine was in a Dixons catalogue late 1992, I finally bought one in July 1993 and upgraded it to 040/25 4gig HD etc..

PSX - Got one in 1998 - 3 yrs after release, my 4 yr old son now has this in his bedroom

PC - My first PC came along about 10 months ago.. it's a bitch, windowze is garbage, but it;s up2date and cheap 2 upgrade!

I now own:
1xPS2 (knackered the DVD drive tho!!)
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aka breakpoint

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my 4 yr old son now has this in his bedroom
your Avatar??? - nice touch if so...

i have a 3yr daughter, if you check out http://www.amiga.ukhq.co.uk/pics/summerbench640x480.jpg

you'll see her on a WB desktop!!, its a not a good pic, because its lost alot of colours from 16-bit to 256 colours, so she looks ALOT better in real life!!!!

oh yeah, i forgot i DO have a PS2, it's in my cupboard with a knackered DVD drive.LOL
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I started with my cousin's A2600, then the bought a Commodore,and I got terribly hooked to that bast. When I got 10 years old,I got m,y first computer,a C128. I stood withthat until 1993, when I got my A600. And I stuck with thatuntil 1997whenI bought thePC..Inever gotirdof any of the machines.

NowIown wellover 30 systems
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I begun with the Atari 2600.. my Dad bought it when I was about 1 year old.. obviously he didn't but it too me .. I don't know when I begun to play games...

When I was 3 1/2 years old, we got the MSX... (I was already playing the Atari 2600) ..... it came home with 2 cartridges: Frogger and Decatlhon.. the day after, my dad came home with an MSX joystick, and 2 tapes full of games.. The Goonies, Bank-Panic, Sky Jaguar, and many other great games ...
When I was 4 years old, we got the disk-drive, and it took a week to convert all games from tape to disk. Like 6 months laters, my parents got divorced, but I am thankfull to my dad, he left the MSX here

At 5 years, I got interested in programming..
When I was around 6 years , I made my first game... a vertical shoot'em up, using a scrolling routine from a programming book I have. The game had only one kind of enemy, that just moved vertically. You could play the game forever if you had any skill playing game. After that, I coded many games, including a kind of a maze game, a wild west game, and a nice "cyber cycles" game, with a nice AI.

When I was around 8 years old, I got the MSX 2.

When I was 9 years old, my dad got the Amiga. I was gobsmacked with it. The 1st game I played on it was Wings of Fury, and I got impressed with games like Another World , the EXCELLENT version of R-Type and Elite ( I was used with the MSX version) , Speedball 2...
About 6 months later, I had an Amiga too.
The Amiga also was the mark of my fading from programming. I never coded anything on Amiga...
when I was around 12 or 13 years, I got the Mega-Drive. When I gave it away, I had 12 games for it.
When I was 15 years old, I got my Pentium MMX 233, the one I am using to type this message.

Also, in the last 8 years, I also had many consoles for a very short time (Around here we usually would change our machines for like 1-2 months.. my Mega-Drive, Amiga and MSX 1 was many times at friends' house. The MSX2 I never let leave my house ), so I had a PSX, a Neo-Geo, an N64, an SNES and many other machines in a short period of time.
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Okay, here's my timeline:

1 yrs.

Dad bought an Intellivison. This machine taught me how to read, I kid you not! I began reading parts of the Los Angeles Times to my dad at two years, after playing educational word games on the Intellivision. Also liked TRON.

6 yrs.

Dad couldn't wait any longer for the keyboard (anyone else in here?), so he bought a Commodore 64 at Bi-Mart. First games I remember on this were Temple of Apshai (great game), Dot Gobbler (Pac-Man clone), and Zork I. Dad also bought some more educational software, but I was done learning (heh), and my little brother never got a chance to play with my Dad and I hogging the bastard. That educational software was probably the last thing ever 'bought' for the C64, knowwhatimean? Eh? Eh? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

Rest of Childhood

I remember saving up for a NES, begging my parents for every other system, getting a Game Gear from my aunt, and then settling in with my TurboGrafx. That remains my favorite system ever. Oh, sorry, I meant besides Amiga, yeah!

I kinda burned out on games for a few years, sold much of my stuff, but here's what I have now:

Commodore 64
TurboGrafx-16 and CD
PC Engine and CD
Amiga 1000
Amiga 500

Wow, that's a lot. I'm a geek.
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I remember in the late 70's bringing home a Pong Game. My Grandmother sat in her chair and watched me hook it up to the back of the old console tv in the living room. She kept asking me what I was doing. That tv was the center of our family's entertainment universe and she wanted no harm to come to it.

Wires and controls were everywhere when I finally turned it on. Then, on channel 3, there it was: a straight white line down the middle and two short ones on the sides for paddles. It was amazing! I started up the game and began to play.

After watching me for 10 minutes she finally asked, "Are you making that thing on the screen move?" I don't think she ever believed it was happening.

So began my electronic game addiction...

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The Ancient One
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Ok, for my little trip down memory lane, I've owned:

Magnavox Odyssey - Membrane keyboard, completely pixelated graphics, few colors, and a joke of a cartridge which purported to teach one how to program, though the machine lacked any possible way to actually save any program you had entered when the power went off.

Apple II+ - My first "real" computer, which I originally had only a green screen monitor for, along with a single 5-1/4" disk drive. With the 16K ram expansion I bought along with it, it had a whopping 64K of memory, and I couldn't imagine for the life of me how anybody could ever need any more than that.

Atari 800XL - Picked this up because I had once had a roommate who owned one, and thought it was a fun little machine. Graphics and sound were better than the Apple II+ which had since acquired a color monitor, though the OS itself had a rather clunky feeling to it.

Atari 130XE - Picked this one up simply because it was cheap, had twice the memory of my 800XL, and had a higher density floppy drive than what I had on my older Atari.

Amiga 500 - Now we're talking serious computing. Since my Apple II+ still had been considered my "main" machine, this was a huge upgrade. Had considered either the Apple IIGS or the Atari ST, but once I'd actually seen an Amiga in action, I couldn't possibly have settled for either of those.

Atari Lynx - Hated the original Gameboy's lousy display, but loved the idea of a good handheld. With a backlit display, this was the logical choice, and knowing that a few of the Amiga's designers had been involved in it's design helped seal the deal for me.

Amiga 1000 - Had a friend who worked at my local Amiga dealer (the same one that sold me the A500), and when the dealers started accepting A1000's for discounts on A2000's, was able to pick up one of the ones traded in for $250, which seemed an absolute steal. I figured this one had to be a classic, if ever there was one.

IBM PC/XT - Ack! A machine representing the evil empire? Would have never bought this except for the fact that the price used was rock bottom, and I wanted to get a peek at a few games that could only be found on the PC. Upgraded the CPU with an oddball 286 card, which brought the speed up to 12 MHZ, and that made it barely tolerable when playing some games.

Super Nintendo - A nice machine for playing a few mindless games on, with nice graphics and sound capabilities for the time.

Sega Genesis - Bought 2nd hand, and while the graphics were fairly nice at the time, never really did care that much for it.

386/40 - By the time I got this, the PC compatibles had pretty well taken over the world, and I figured if I was going to be able to play any of the newer games, this was the way to go. I picked this one up from a friend and quickly discovered that this machine was still not enough, so gutted it's innards, upgrading it to a 486/66.

PIII/500 - After finally tiring of trying to find games in the bargain bins that would run on my 486/66, I finally broke down and built this one from scratch about 2 years ago. It was definitely a different experience going out and hand picking all of the components that I wanted to put in the system, and I'd highly recommend it to anybody who may be thinking of doing something similar. So far it's still been able to run everything I've thrown at it with no problems, so hopefully it's still got a few good years left in it. When it can't cut it anymore though, I'm sure I'll get a kick out of building a newer one.
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wow you guys really are geeks!

let me see....the first machine I played games on was the Atari 2600..I remember a tank battle game which I played with my cousin. Own of my neighbourhood friends had an Acorn (don't remember the type though) but the games he owned weren't very impressive.

Then my uncle had a ZX Spectrum (the one with the rubber keys) and we would play Knightlore and Sabre Wolf for hours! My dad then bought us the new hope and DEFINATE worldwide standard in homecomputing: The Philips VG8230 MSX 2 (but it was an MSX 1 an a half really coz it had 64 Kb VRAM instead of 128..) This machine kept me of the streets for the next years to come, especially when I saved all my pocketmoney and bought the Philips Music Module. Those were my first MIDI experiences and it even had a tiny sampler in there! A lot of friends had 64s at that time and I recall playing Pitfall and Blue Max (those explosions when you blew up the buildings...phew!)

At the age of 14, I suddenly became more interested in girls and surfing so I sold my MSX to buy a new surfboard...what a stupid thing to do!!
Anyway, my dad had this laptop computer from his work which featured a sparkling new lightning fast 80286AT and the screen was LCD so you could see no shit on it..but I played the Larry games on it nonetheless. Then I decided I needed a PC too (I was young and naive) and bought a 486SX..The LucasFilm games they rocked! I played all those classics like Monkey Island and DOTT..

Nowadays I own a Pentium 133 (no really) and a PowerMAC 9500 but they're only being used in my studio for MIDI and all..I wouldn't let those machines into my house for a million bucks!at home I am the proud owner of one AMIGA 500+ and I fell in love with it the moment I got it (I have it for like, 2 month now)

hmm..after re-reading I guess I'm a bit of a geek too, really
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Originally posted by Djay

your Avatar??? - nice touch if so...
That is my youngest son Ryan who is 2, my other son Michael has the PSX.

Originally posted by Djay

i have a 3yr daughter, if you check out [url]

oh yeah, i forgot i DO have a PS2, it's in my cupboard with a knackered DVD drive.LOL
Nice kids are great, don't know what I'd w/out 'em now, esp as they are both into consoles and gaming at such an early age :laugh
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After watching me for 10 minutes she finally asked, "Are you making that thing on the screen move?" I don't think she ever believed it was happening.
This sentence made me smile... a big smile .... Funny how it all become natural now, kids don't have an idea of the technology behind gaming.....
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Atari 2600
Timex Sinclair 2068
Commodore 64

Never realy had any programs for the Timex, but learned programming on it

Sold the C64 to get my first PC (needed for college)

Recently I have gotten back into retro gaming and will have an amiga 500 shortly (reason I am here). Im getting tired of all the new PC games that are just eye candy 3D, and remember the fun I had with the C64 so I purchased another one.

Oh, I am 31
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well im only 17 now so i dont exactly have that much experience.
the first machine i played was my mums Micro 10, which had 10 games with the little lines, like pong.
the when i was about 2 mybrother got a ZX spectrum which i played to death (literally), but by this time my bro had moved out and left it to me so he wasnt botherd.
when i was 8, totally out of the blue, i got an A600. i had never even heard of it, but it was awesome!
in 1999 i got a PSX.
2001 i got my first PC, a 100mhz, win 95 (im not exactly rich) that my sister gave to me.
2002, my sister moved back home so now i have a cool laptop aswell as the PC, PSX, and A600!
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ZX81, Sheen Tempest (Emerson Arcadia 2001 clone), TRS-80 Level 1 Model 2, VIC-20, C64, Atari Lynx, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200HD/40.
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Mr Creosote
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Age 6 (?): Commodore Plus/4
Age 10: Amiga 500
Age 15: PC
Age 18: another PC (the one I'm still using)
Age 20: C64
Age 22: Amiga 1200
Age 22: Atari 2600 (my first gaming console ever!)

These are the ones I own (all but the Plus/4 and the first PC, I don't have those anymore), I've used quite a bit more on a regular basis of course.
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