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Anyone been to Digital Press?

Some guy on tv was talking about his $1000 nintendo games and gave a link to Digital Press as means to finding out how much your system is worth.

They have a price guide that you have to pay for (bwaahahaha!), but one of the free things I found was this list of supposedly rare and common CD32 games at http://www.digitpress.com/lists/cd32.htm

What do you guys think about this? I have a game or two on here that's listed as a 7 (Myth), but I never thought of it being rare, at least, not anymore than cd32 games actually are.

I have a feeling a load of what's on this site is bullshit, as the same guy advertising it on tv claimed that an Atari 2600 with 30 games is worth around $100, and you could probably pick that up at a garage sale for about $20.
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I suppose he bases prices on the stupidity that can go around eBay. You can buy a Commodore max in Japan for 200 dollars, bt they go for 1000+ on eBay.

Likewise, I can sell my argentinian spectrums on eBay for a fuckload of cash, while I got them for free.

It's all so subjective...
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Digital Press.. lol yeah.. Its the home of the "room of doom" page that is famous. And they take pictures of almost naked women as their "spokesmodels".

Their lists is only US releases. I see some missings titles in the CDTV list.
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