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Ok so the ADF in the Zone named COD was the result of copying Robocod IPF with PowerCopy 3.x Cracked by Stingray in Nibble mode.

If I can I'll try with X-Copy at some point.........
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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
In Jurassic Park AGA (possibly OCS as well) the Velociraptors in the indoor first-person sections are much harder to kill in the cracked version. When I finally tried an original copy of the game I was shocked at how much easier it was to kill the Raptors. I think it takes around four or five shots in the original game and double that in the cracked version.
In addition to the cracked version passwords for levels not working either. Never got far enough to see the raptor stages!
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don't know if is it a glitch caused by some crack, but I usually played The Cycles (pc version) since 1990 and it's "easy" even on the level 5, but the amiga version is hard even on level 1..opponents are very strong..

talking about atari st, in ghost'n'goblins at half of level 1 , there's a jump too long to take
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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
Ok so the ADF in the Zone named COD was the result of copying Robocod IPF with PowerCopy 3.x Cracked by Stingray in Nibble mode.

If I can I'll try with X-Copy at some point.........
Even more awesome Thank you Retro1234. I did not realize that this was the "corrupt" image already. Indeed, the controls a funky to say the least
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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
@modrobert: that won't stop me from making the screen return to the game...

@Al82 that's strange, as I cracked AB92 SE back in the days, then played till the end (using Action Replay savestate) and wasn't blocked. And I didn't do a very tough job at cracking it, because the protection was a classic RN copylock.
Its been a while, but I seem to remember the Copylock is checksum protected.
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So I was lucky to bypass this at some level they didn't expect.
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I think my pirated Fire&Ice copy was lacking the key parts in the second stage, resulting in running out of time resulting in "something very bad" chasing you until you died.
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