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Smile WinUAE + CD32 Emulation

HI everyone

I have a problem with the CD32 emulation with WinUAE. I've captured my original Amiga CD32 Kick-ROM and the extended Kick CD32-ROM and loaded them correctly in WinUAE.

The configuration is also setted correct to emulate a CD32 (2 MB Chip RAM, CPU 68020+FPU, JIT-Slider half the way, Chipset AGA, Fast Copper, no HDD-emulation for CD32-config).

But the CD32-screen only appears one time and nothing happens (uaescsi is activated). If I restart WinUAE and try it again, my complete system gonna hang up ang I got a blue screen (Win XP Pro on a AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 512 MB DDR RAM Micron CL 2, ASUS V8200 deluxe geForce 3 TI 500, SB Audigy, 1 CD-ROM Drive 52x, 1 CD-burner 52x, 1 HDD 80 GB, 1 HDD 40 GB, 1 Floppy, ASUS A7V 266 E board).

Another thing is: if I just delete my CD32-configuration and set it new it's still the same problem. Only if I delete WinUAE completely and install it new and then setting the CD32-configuration, it works again. But only one time, than I got to install WinUAE again if I wanna see the CD32 boot-/start-screen.

I'm using WinUAE with Amiga-In-A-Box.

I hope to get some help here Thank you for your replys

(Sorry for my sometimes bad english, that's because I'm german.)


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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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uaescsi is activated
Don't enable uaescsi.device. CD32 does not have SCSI (nor IDE) CDROM. WinUAE automatically enables internal CD32 CDROM emulation when CD32 extended ROM is detected.
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Old 21 November 2003, 17:37   #3
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Ok, I will try that. Thanks
Old 21 November 2003, 17:56   #4
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That wasn't it

I've turned uaescsi.device off, but this wasn't the problem. Still all the same
Old 22 November 2003, 00:14   #5
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cd32 config

try this config, worked for me. you'll need to change your rom settings in it though. good luck
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Old 22 November 2003, 07:02   #6
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Thx :)

Thx I'm gonna try that and tell you how it worked. Thanks again!
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That's it!


cool, it works! Thanks again for your help Now there are no more problems with it.
Old 25 November 2003, 17:04   #8
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Only 2 small problems left...

Hi again

it's great that the CD32 Emulation works so fast and good with WinUAE. But I still have 2 (small?) problems:

First is that my original Microcosm-CD looks very bad (shame on me ). So I've downloaded it again from the net. It works, but not quite well. Sometimes it stops loading (you see the loading screen "Microcosm is free with Fantastic Voyage from Commodore.") At that screen it hangs and no more further action is going on so I got to reset the Amiga with WinUAE. It hangs before the fight vs the legendary Gray M (endboss).

Another thing is that it sometimes hangs up with a green screen. If I'm gonna reset and then at the same moment it works. Looks like a problem with WInUAE or a illegal memory access?

I'm playing it with the image, not with CD (with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%). Maybe it's why that there are the problems with it? I've tried to burn it but. Maybe WinUAE and my original CD32 don't like my CD's?

The second problem is that WinUAE just doesn't create a save.nvr but I have my whole WinUAE directory write enabled.

Thanks for your replys and your help

WinUAE is the greatest emulator there it was, is and ever will be. Thanks to the UAE team for this great Emulator It's a great thing that you can emulate the best computer ever No OS is better than Amiga OS.

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