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Old 27 February 2009, 12:21   #1
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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Competition Pro Joystick...

...ok, so I'm probably going to be on my own here but:

Why for the love of God does anybody rate these bloody nasty joysticks???

You see all I hear about on retro forums is how good / robust / accurate / nice to use these things are while I have distinct memories of mis-timed jumps & sore hands after just a few miniutes use.

Why am I ranting now?

Well, my sister-in-law is about to have her 40th & she wanted her speccy set-up for a retro-games corner for her party...
...after a few conversations along the lines of 'No, I won't set your spectrum up for the party because nobody will want to play with it after 20-40 mins of waiting to load any game + joystick interface wobble making it crash every five miniutes' I finally got my way:
SFF PC hidden behind monitor running speccy emulator while speccy sits in front for 'display'.

Good, fine.
'Can I use my joystick with the emulator?' she said.
'Ah, maybe not' I said. 'But I'll buy you a USB one.'

Anyway one Speedlink CP purchase later & all is runninig quite nicely - even got the PC routed though a telly for more authenticity. But my God! The unhappy memories have come back...
...hands hurting after a few miniutes & games I'm usually good at are now nearly impossible to play...
...oh, and maybe not the design's fault but I had to rebuild the bloody thing as it was so badly nailed together...

...I think I'll stick with my BUG - shame there aren't any USB ones, but at least there are adaptors.

Ahhh, glad to have gotten that off my chest.

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Old 27 February 2009, 12:30   #2
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You're talking about the PC USB one right? Well that lags and isn't nice to play, but the Amiga version is just awesome
Sore hands after some minutes use? Hmm, sorry but I think you're doing it wrong then Anyway I can understand when people like the 'wobbly' type more, but hey that would me my time to rant then
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she wants a speccy for her birthday

anyhow an new joystick is like new shoes you have 2 wear them in

any ways after just a few mins of playing anything joystick related my hands hurt so it realy is importand to get a stick you like.
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Competition Pro was a nice Joystick back in the day! The USB versions are indeed not that great though. However, even better than Competition Pro are the ZipStiks. ZipStik = AWESOME! <3

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Each to their own, of course.

It's the speccy her & her sister (my wife) played with 20+ years ago & she felt it would be cool to have running @ her party...
...the USB C.P. was to replace her Atari-type one that isn't going to plug in to the PC.
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Old 27 February 2009, 14:25   #6
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Which games she will play?
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Old 27 February 2009, 14:31   #7
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It is a crap. I stay with my Quickshot joypad 8)
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Old 27 February 2009, 14:35   #8
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Oh wait till Retro returns you lot
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Old 27 February 2009, 14:42   #9
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Which games she will play?
Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy most likely...

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
It is a crap. I stay with my Quickshot joypad 8)
Ah, some sense at last! A passable stick.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Oh wait till Retro returns you lot
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Old 27 February 2009, 15:46   #10
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1. Quickshot Turbo sticks are crap, useful for Summer Games and other wiggle/waggle games.

2. The second CP USB has better mircroswitches, but it's just like Jens Schoenfeld said some days ago. These PC version doesn't use the fast bouncing of the microswitches. The crappy USB chip filters the signal if you press the button/steer in one direction too fast. Avoid it, or modify it somehow.

3. The new Competion Pro for real Amigas is much better than the original. Todays microswitches are really better, no real surprise. Only the plastic chassis is a bit thinner. Still a great and especially very accurate joystick.

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Old 28 February 2009, 14:20   #11
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I agree totally. Competition Pro, ZipStik and The Bug all suck.

For Amiga gaming, there is only 1 viable option:

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Old 28 February 2009, 16:00   #12
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Zipsticks best joysticks ever.The new competition pros you can get now are ok but the Zipstick was absolute perfection

Still i shouldn't grumble as at least we can get new joysticks i suppose

Good joke by the way smiley
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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
...I think I'll stick with my BUG
We had a bug and I found it completely unusable. Seems to me they tried so hard to make it look like a bug that they forgot what it WAS supposed to be.

Zipstick was the best IMO.
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